Hillary Clinton says Spy’s stole her email

If you believe that lieing sack of shit your crazy. This is what she did and is hiding . And she will get away with with it because she will talking to her club and it is another “dog and Pony Show” for we dummies who let the Big Government crap all over us and destroy our country and our freedom . Gurber is right when he called all American Voters Dummies! He didn’t have to apologize or hide from the public he right and he made a ton of money from Obama by screwing we the people. All Justice Roberts had to is say that Obama Care was not legal , but Obama has the real dirt on him and he is afraid of Obama letting it out what a scum bag he really is.

How much do want to bet that Hillary Clinton told everybody to stand down so the Terrorist could kill Ambassador Stevens and the men who gave up their lives to save him. That’s why the Clinton’s always Stone Wall everything they are involved in and get away with Treason and all the crimes they commit against America and make billions of dollars selling us out.