Matthews blames riots

From the Godfather: Chris Matthews blames Baltimore Riots, no jobs for the Blacks.


Matthews is the biggest Progressive asshole in the news media who doesn’t have the slightest clue what is going on. Matthews is only protecting his god Obama.

The Black community get millions of dollars from Obama’s  Big Government, and lay around all day with nothing to do but complain about how badly their ancestors were treated as slaves.  And how they want Social Justice.

Not true. You buy a new car it costs you say 30,000 dollars are you going to abuse that car or truck or are you going to take care of it the best can so it lasts you a few years and gives you good service. Well not everybody treated their slaves badly they needed them to work the farms. And if Matthews is complaing about jobs for the Blacks, he better complain to his homo god Obama because Obama is going to bring in millions of Illegal Hispanics. If their are no jobs for the Blacks why is Obama bringing in unhealthy, ignorant, un-civilized Hispanics, who don’t speak English but want the resat of to speak Spanish who don’t know what a flush toilet is, to take away any job from the Blacks.
Why should the Blacks and minority’s work anyway they get tons of money to have babies with no fathers, and get paid thousand of dollars to abort their babies. And the mad scientist’s and killer doctors who perform the abortions, drain the blood from the babies and make sure that blood is given to old Progressives like Castro, Soros, Carter, Bush all the super rich Senators and Congressmen and wealthy through our the world. They Drain the old blood and pump in the new baby blood so they can live forever.
Because they fear death and the will surely rot in hell for the rotten lives they lived and all the dead people they killed as leaders of the world.