Don’t ever let the Government take away our guns…die first


Anyone watch the news today and see all the Muslims running for their lives from the Middle-East escaping into Europe.Know why? Because they were never allowed to own a gun to protect themselves with from their enemies their own kind and their Government.. They are escaping by the thousands from their own Countries and Government which will not protect them from ISIS or any other Muslim Terrorist group who with the help of our enemy, Barrack Hussein Obama and our Government working with the UN, funding and training and making sure they have the newest and best  weapons to kill everybody that might get in their way, including the Forces of the United States of America who now fight under the flag of the UN for the last 60 years.( Aside: We have never fought for the United States of America since the UN took over our troops and got them killed for nothing)

That’s what not having a gun will get you! The first group of people that will kill you is our own Federal Government, every Federal Police Department is trained to believe that we the people are the enemy of our Government. They will be more the happy to put a bullet into your head if you blink an eye. They and all the Police Departments are trained in Paranoia. We the White people are the enemy of the Senators and Congressmen and Presidents who are screwing the people out of their money and our Freedom, sellling our Country out to the highest bidder.

So never give up your gun to the Federal Government or anyone else. Every thing that you read in the News Media is propaganda sent out by Obama and his Regime to destroy us and make us slaves to them the Super Rich Senators and Congressmen and Rulers that call them selves President. What do you think that old pig Hillary Clinton is for, no guns and no freedom and Communism, and she hates with a passion like Obama our Military.  Who do you think Jeb Bush is for. All Mexicans and all Hispanics and the Muslim Oil and “The New World Order” Also stupidity should be taught in the schools so the future children are stupid and will believe that The New World Order Government is their new god.

It is simple. We are not allowed to own gun…we die by Federal Decree. If you don’t think that can happen here, get your head out of your ass and look around at what is going on.

Remember our enemy is our Government, in fact our Government is the enemy of the World. Just look at what our Government did to help Obama every Senator and Congressmen, destroy the Middle-East just so he and Samantha Power can create all Islamic Terrorist States and a Muslim Caliphate to kill all the Jews in Israel and every Christian that lives in the Middle-East, and murder their own people which the Muslim have did since  their creation of their murder cult Pagan religion.