Marco Rubio???

Marco Rubio the other day made the most stupid statement from a child with no experience in life except that he always tells a story about his father was a Bartender. Rubio along with Jeb Bush and that nut job who is the Governor of Ohio who want to carry on Obama’s destruction of the United States of America with the Amnesty for illegal Hispanics and Muslims and all the Communist ways to take over our Country make all of us poor while Obama and the rest of the Traitor stay rich .

Rubio the child said he would declare War on Russia. That’s nice his children don’t have to die for nothing, ours do. And the United States has a no win policy of any war, becasue our troops belong to NATO not the United States of America. Russia has not attacked us. Syria has not attacked us yet Obama is supporting ISIS through the Millde-Eastwith guns money and training. Saudi Arabia has attacked us, they were all Saudi’s who trained here with the help of Bill Clinton to learn to fly those passenger jets that crashed into the Twin Towers in New York killing over three thousand innocent people . So what did Bush do? He attacked Iraq! Why not Arabia. because the Bush Family is tied to the hip of OPEC who is run by Saudi Arabia. They are making money hand over fist with OPEC Oil.

Who is Rubio tied to the hip with…George Sorros? When Rubio goes into the Armed Forces with our Homosexual Armed forces then i might listen to this child.. Give me a break, Rubio wants to start WWIII. Rubio only wants Amnesty for the Hispanics because he is a Hispanic and like the Black Representatives do not work for all Americans they work for their own. Marco needs to grow up some more. That is the most stupid statement i have heard from the losers  that the Republican Party have chosen to be President of the United States of America.  I guess they want Hillary Clinton to win.

They and the News Media don’t want to listen to the people of the United States of America. They think they know better. They don’t, it is only their opinion. If the Republican Party and Communist Demo-rat Party ever listened to the American people we would not be seeing the destruction of the United State of America. So far Trump and Cruz are the best guys running. We have a  Black President and he is destroying our Country with the help of children like Rubio who were educated by Professors of hate. A gigantic pass on Rubio and his sponsors. We don’t need another one. If that’s Racist so be it.

Our Government is our enemy, no one else on earth is. Through out history it has always been the politicians who have destroyed every Nation in the World and our  Politicians are the most evil people that were ever born in the United States of America.

We still need to keep our guns we may have to use them to fight for our lives against the millions of Muslim and illegals Obama has been and is still bringing them into our Country.