Donald Trump


To Donald Trump. We have been in constant Wars because of the UN, (NATO) There was supposed to peace if the UN took over. There has been no piece in 65years. We send hundred of thousands of our children into no win wars. From 1950 to now our Presidents have killed and mangled over 500,000 young men and women,. It is time we disband the UN and NATO. All our Presidents and Senators and Congressmen do is kill our young men and women in “No Win Wars” Read “None Dare call it Treason” By John A. Stormer and page 89 it tells you how we, our Presidents, Senators and Congressmen adopted a No Win Policy. Hell we got more males then another country so we can afford to kill them off. That has always been our Governments attitude to we the people. Do you want to be a great man and go down in history as the best President we ever had? Disband the UN and stop giving money to all the Countries that hate us and and stop giving 75,000.00 away per child a year that have no father and Illegal immigrants.

The Muslims all have 4 wives. one they are legally married too and the other three he is not. They are producing 8 children to one of ours and they all get $75,000.00 a year in Government aide per child. Stop this. That is what else is bringing the USA to it’s destruction. No wonder all these people are happy to get here. They make more money then the average working man that has to pay taxes and live from check to check. And these ungrateful pieces of low life from other countries get rich on we the tax payer. We loose all the time and the enemy, our Government win.