I wrote this in 2008 and it still holds true to today. I was right then and I am right now.


July 4th, 2008
The liberal Democrats under the leadership of Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi put on the greatest “Dog and Pony Show” I ever saw. All of the candidates belong to the Trilateral’s and the Bilderberg’s , all are of the same mind set ( Mr. Zbigniew Brzezinski the ring master) “The New World Order” Putting Barack Hussain Obama through the hoops. Who is Elitist minded, and brain washed by his mother and grandparents to think Communism and Socialism and forever live in the 1960’s. The only change he said he was going to make is higher taxes lower wadges lower standard of living for all of us, while he and the congressmen and women and senators live high on the hog while we live in a third world, called the United States of America.. Each State, in the United States, will become a third world country run by the whoever was the Congressmen or Senator is, with the help of the Gang Bangers, and State Police. We will then see what real slavery and legal murder is because you will not have the right to defend yourself. We must remember the only way to make Communism, Socialism and the “New World Order to work is that the United States of America must be destroyed. Lose our sovereignty. Remember the from the President and all the Government along with the Congressmen, Senators, men and women are convinced we the American People are the ENEMY.
Why did McCain and Obama have to meet with a Black and Hispanic Caucasus?
Are we now split, there are only Black people and Latino people who matter? The rest of us don’t count. Aren’t we all Americans? Are we no longer one Nation. Are we divided! You mean that the Presidential candidates must go before the Latino Caucasus and a Black Caucasus and promise them special gifts and treatment, that they get that block vote. What the hell happened to America!
The Latino’s are Raciest, only thinking of Spanish speaking people, working for the Spanish language to be the language of the United States and it is OK for the Illegal Latinos to come into this Country and have complete autonomy from our laws. And the Blacks are raciest, only thinking of the Black community, but the whites are accused of racism, if they even think of anything that is not Politically correct, and they are afraid of some one pointing the finger at them and saying they are racist, like some one saying you are an aids carrier! God fore bid!
Tell the truth and if you are called a raciest…so what. The Latinos say anything they want against the people, the Blacks say anything they want against the white people. They have special funds they can raise only for Black people, no white person can benefit from these funds. All the Black Church’s teach Racism, (hate the white people). What the Black community forgets is if it wasn’t for the white man they would still be in chains. All the Black Congressmen and women and Senators are Racist. Jessie Jackson is a Racist, when he forced Bud-wiser to give, free, a Bud-Wiser beer dealer ship in Chicago to one of his sons. The other one he made sure, through Chicago Politics and Black Block vote he became a Congressmen. He didn’t help the Black Community get ahead with finacial aid or any other kind of aid, as a Black leader did he stop the Black Gangs from deal dope in the Black community, he didn’t stop the Gang related murders that are taking place in Chicago. He helped himself with guaranteed income into the millions for the rest of his life. How come he’s not outraged at the Black slavery going on in Africa, how come he’s not going over there to free his brothers and sisters. Two reasons: one he can’t get any money from them. Two: the Muslims would kill him on the spot. Here in America he can get away with anything and get money form any company he can. The key word is Black Boycott. The same thing goes for Al Sharpton. Oprah Winfrey are racist. She only backs Black people. She starts a school for Black children in Africa. What help has she given to the Black children in Chicago? But what she forgets is a white man gave her chance to fame and riches. When she had Tiger Woods on her show he would not say he was Black, she never had him back again. In the Black community’s eyes if you have one ounce of Black blood in you are Black! The Black Community’s obsession with no matter what you do we will stick by you if you are Black. Anything goes, murder, child molestation, sell drugs, even to their own, you name the crime and the Black Community’s solidarity they will defend that person. O.J. Simpson great example of sticking together to set him free. Did not matter if he was guilty, it only mattered he was Black.
That is why the Black Community are with Barack H. Obama. They forget that it was his Muslim ancestors and his todays relatives are still dealing in the slave trades. They were the ones who went into the interior of Africa and dragged out whole villages and sold them into slavery. If they couldn’t handle anyone they killed them. Nice back ground for a Presidential Candidate. If Barack Hussain Obama was a Christian, why didn’t he change his name to a Christian name. Any African who is a Christian in Africa has a Christian name. Barack Hussain Obama has a Muslim name there fore he is a Muslim! He cannot work for the Black Community he can only work for the Muslim Community! Not the American Community, because if you are a Christian you are an Infidel and by the Muslim religion you must die!! That means Christian Blacks also. Barack Husain Obama is a super liberal big Government high taxes a student of Zbigniew Brzezinski who will really be the President of the United States along with Henry Kissinger and they will use the Jimmy Carter Doctrine, again higher taxes more socialist spending and we the people live under a lower standard of living, which we are getting a taste of it now with higher gas prices, causing everything else to go higher. This is caused by our Federal Government. They will live good the rest of will live in garbage. The liberal Democrats are really going way out of line to find the worst possible candidates in the world to run for the President. Is their real threat to destroy the Sovereignty of the United States is to cause a real live shooting rebellion by the people who are fed up with the Federal Government. This way they can confiscate all the weapons in the America, but not their allies, the criminals. Who can do this FIMA! The only reason they were created is not to help people in a disaster but to be there to confiscate all weapons. Why is Dianne Feinstein anti gun. Because the Bilderbergers want all the guns of every United States Citizen out of their hands and Feinstein is a Bilderberg and she works for them and the “New World Order.” not for the United States Citizen. All liberals work against the United States of America. And we the working American Citizen!