Senator Kein of Virgina

The other day on Fox news they had Senator Kein of Virgina,  told every one who was watching he is for declaring War on ISIS. We can’t declare war on ISIS because Obama and our Government, Senator Kein knows that, we support all the Terrorist organizations with money and guns and training. Right after Ambassador Stevens was  allowed to be murdered by Obama, Hillary Clinton and Penneta, John McCain, who swore to serve the Government and not the people, went to Syria and told the Freedom Fighters that they have the full backinmg of the United States of America. Right after McCain’s meeting with them, poison gas was used to kill civilians in Syria and the News Media was told to blame Assad. It didn’t fly, just like the rest of the Obama propaganda trys to do by murdering people, because McCain delivered the poison gas and the Freedom Fighters got training on how to use it.

And Senator Kein knows that the Freedom Fighters are ISIS and Al-Qaeda. That is Obama and our Government is backing them. So Senator Kein and Graham and of course McCain, and Rubiuo want the same thing as Obama, knowing that our soldiers will die for nothing and try and make we the people think that our Government is for going against  ISIS, which it is not. In fact Obama is bringing the Muslim Terrorist here. His Muslim Terrorist. Then Obama says we c=should protect little girls. Women and little girls are circumcised, 9 year old little girls are married to grown men who have sex with these babies and if they kill them in they process it is OK because that is what their religion tells them that it is OK. The men also have rape rooms for themselves. Yet Obama does not mind that he alone passed the law the we can kill thousand of born babies for their body parts and unborn babies for nothing. These women more then likely get paid to have their babies murdered. Obama is OK with that,but wants to save Muslim girls?  Doesn’t make sense.

Does anyone remember when Obama, on National TV promised the Terrorist that the United States would never attack them no matter what they did. And the restrictions that Obama has pout on our soldiers are getting them killed and mangled by the thousands. Obama’s Rules of engagement are working against our soldiers. I want to see all these war mongers send their children to die for nothing. Not ours. Obama and all the Presidents from Bush Senior has created the Muslim Terrorist and have brought them into this country to kill people here and we cannot defend our selves against hem becasue Obama and all the Traitor Demo-rats and Republicans have passed laws that protect the Muslims and criminals that want to kill us but not us. Our Government sides with the enemy.  No sooner then we eliminate one enemy our Government creates another one. Our Government does not want peace and prosperity they want chaos so they can rule us, not Govern. They want our destruction.

There is also a law that has been adopted that we will only fight “NO WIN WARS!!!” I recommend that everyone who has a brain in their head read, “None Dare call it Treason” by John A. Stormer. And see that the Presidents and our Senators and Congressmen are our true enemy.