Gun Confiscation from honest citizen in Calif.

California will start Gun confiscation on 01/01/16 from honest citizens. And the the Crooks will be allowed to rob and murder the people at will. Nice Demo-rat run State by Communist Politicians. Jerry Brown. The people in California are really stupid to let this happen to them.

California is a Demo-rat run Communist State. All Demo-rats are for Gun confiscation, which is Communist Doctrine and is practiced in all Demo-rat run States where the murder rate is extremely high all the time. But the States will not take away the guns from the Gang Bangers and other killers they can only attack the honest citizen. That means we the people are at the mercy of the bad guys and the cops. So when will the people get off their knees and attack the Politicians who want them to die. If the people want the Demo-rat Communist to make them slaves, stay on your knees, if not unite and destroy the Demo-rats that are destroying your freedom and your lives, they all have guns and body guards that carry the newest automatic pistols like the UZE to protect themselves and F— the people, they should die. The police cannot save you from an attack or from any crime, they can only come in after you and your family are dead and then the killers will get off and be able to strike again. The Illegal Mexican killer in San Fransisco will never be convicted and they will set him free to kill more people.