The Trilateral Commission plus…

I wrote this just before Obama got elected because of George Bush. They all belong to the same club to destroy our Country. It was true then and it is more true now. Look how the Republican Party is selling we the out in favor of carrying the Work that Jimmy Carter and George Bush New World Order did. They got Obama, now the want Jeb Bush to keep the destruction going. That’s why they fear Trump. I should have mentioned  Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations always has his men in key positions in the White House to guide the Presidents along the way to destroy our Country. The enemies of our Country run our Government. Every thing I wrote years ago is happening now. The Republican Party is merging with the Demo-rats to make a one Party system as they are now. Marco Rubio is the same as Jeb Bush. That is why the Republican Party and the News Media is pushing Rubio. A Republican snake in the grass with his bullshit stories about his parents coming to America as emigrant who was a bartender. What doe s he think that he and his family are the only people that came to America as emigrants. 90% of all the people that came to America were emigrants. They worked hard or harder then Rubio’s father did and their children made out OK. Rubio’s father never fought for the United States of America. Rubio will carry out the destruction of America, that is why the powers that control everything have him 3rd in the race for President of the USA. Another Manchurian Candidate. like the rest of them. Our Enemy are in place now for the finial stab in the back of the stupid, we the dummies of America.


24 years of the Trilateral Commission Ruining the United States of America.
If you think that the Masons are a super secret society ready to destroy America, and the Knight’s of Columbus are against the United States of America, or any union…your dead wrong. These organizations are like the Boy Scouts. The real Organizations that are ready to destroy the United States of America are poised with their sword to destroy us now. They are: the Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergs, ( who started the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, the most dangerous man in the United States along with Henry Kissinger for the last 32 years. He has always been in the Federal Government in high positions, Allen Greenspan.) The Brookings Institution, and the best, Skull and Bones. Only for the super elite of this country. Big business Ford Motor Co. H.J. Heinz Co. The Rand Corp. And on and on.
The Liberal Colleges who teach our children to hate every thing that is American. Who allow people to preach hate America to the students. Some racist churches teaching hate America. We can’t forget the newest hate religion to come into America, our friends the Muslims from Saudi Arabia, Don’t these power people realize that with the fall of the United States of America they will fall first. Because who ever takes over, the first people they get rid of are the liberal thinkers, leaders in Government and who else started all of it. They will take out the whole blood line, all the way to the fourth or fifth cousins. These people think they will be the Kings and Queens and every one will have to bow to them and be their slaves. “Man Proposes God Deposes”
Here is a thinking man way back in 56 to 117 A.D. his name was Tacitus ( From Encyclopedia Wikipedia ) was always concerned with the balance of power between the Senate and the Emperors, (our Presidents and their advisers) of corruption and the growing tyranny among the governing classes of Rome ( we can relate to that we have a lot of corruption in all our governments State, County, City) as they adjust to the new imperial regime. In Tacitus’ view they squandered their cultural traditions of free speech and the independence to placate the often bemused (rarely benign) emperor. ( Could that be our Presidents) Like George Bush Jr. Who said in a whisper on TV, but you could read his lips (“as long as I am the dictator..”)
The best is “The more corruption of the State the more laws ( I think this means against the people. US!)

The first Trilateral to become President of the United States of America was the infamous Jimmy Carter. He brought, inflation, the death of the Shah of Iran, he brought in the Ayatollah Khomeini, who murdered three hundred thousand Iranians who did not bow to his preaching and the command of the Muslim religion, throwing that country back to the 7th century A.D. A religious zealot like Carter. Carter indirectly gave Russia the OK to go into Afghanistan. A million people were murdered. He gave away the Panama Canal. Red China runs it today. He brought our standard of living down, but not his. His brother became an arms dealer. His mother dropped of a payment in gold to Colonel Gaddafi at the Popes Funeral. Carter appointed no less then 29 Trilaterals to some of the highest ranking posts in the Federal Government. He now deals with the Muslim Terrorists. As did Brzezinski did in Syria. He is Obama’s new mentor and spokesman to the enemy of the United States and the enemy to all Civilization in the World
Zbigniew Brzezinski through Carter became National Security Adviser. Yes he was the Adviser, The Brain, and the real President of the United states of America.
This is taken from James Burnham’s book, Suicide of the West. Carter’s world view that holds our own national interests in great suspicion and sympathizes with our enemies out of guilt. What guilt? Didn’t he just finish talking to the Hamas a couple weeks ago and laid a wreath at some Muslims grave. If Jimmy Carter feels that the United States of America is wrong in every thing that they do…Why did he want to the President of the United States. Why does he still live in America? Why didn’t he just go to Russia, or what ever country we were against us and become a citizen of that country, instead of becoming the President. Could it be that he thought he could help destroy us with the help of the Trilateral Commission. His and Brzerinski minds were joined like twins. You know why Carter and all the rest of the people who hate this Country are still here, because if they lived in the Countries that are our enemy they wouldn’t be super rich, and they would have been put to death if the opened their mouths and said BOO! And who is Brzerinski, he was born and  raised in Communist   Poland, and became a Citizen of America. Yet he is a traitor to this Country working against the United States like Carter with the Trilateral Commission and the Builderbergs, Brookings Institute.
Carter served four years as President that started the United States down the road to ruin. Why…Because the Bilderbergs and Trilaterals have been working for our destruction for over 24 years. Regan, a Republican, trounced Carter for what he did to America. Don’t the Politicians see what the American people want, in this way of peaceful revolution? No they ignore the people as stupid and don’t know what is good for them. Only the rich elite politicians know what’s good for the people. They know what’s good for them. To become more rich and gain more control over the hard working American. And Regan had to eat a big member of the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderburgs. GEORGE BUSH SR. That is another 8 years of Trilateral influence. Some people say Regan was a great President. I say he was OK. But not great. He did some things that were right. You know all of these guys have the support of the Congressman and Senators they don’t work alone. Yet today you almost have to think of them as Dictators, or Kings who don’t have to answer to anyone, because very seldom does the news media tell you that the bad things they do against you and our Country, is approved by the Senators and Congressman. They look and act like they disprove but they don’t. You think that for one minute any of these people care what you want, even though they promise you the moon, and will take care of you. All we are to them are nothing,   workers who they can take away as much of your hard earned dollars in taxes and give the away to Countries in the UN who hate us, to emigrants who come to this Country and all they have to do is stick their hand out and get all the money want. Did you know that a 65 year old emigrant who enters this Country can get SS at twice the amount of money that an American Citizen can, who worked all their lives for this retirement money is lucky he gets the minimum. ( Jimmy Carter Instituted this. )
Now comes George Bush. This is from Gene Berkmen’s The trilateral commission and the new world order. Remember when Bush started hinting about the “The New World Order.” Sounded like Hitler and his “New world Order”. The people, me included couldn’t figure out what he meant by that statement. This is kind of tricky. President Reagan carried out a policy in the Middle East of a close friendship with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt. During the Iran/Iraq war, the Reagan administration openly supported Saddam Hussein.
When the OPEC oil ministers met in late July, 1990, Hussein demanded that other OPEC members cut production to drive the price of oil back up. Hussein also demanded that Saudi Arabia and Kuwait cancel Iraq’s debt. None of Hussein’s demands were met, and he responded by invading Kuwait.
This is some thing. Bush goes directly to the UN, with out the approval of the Congress or Senate and on UN resolutions ,661 through 665, President Bush sent 450,000 US troops to Saudi Arabia, without the authorization from Congress.
Security Council resolutions which led to the war against Iraq were not altogether spontaneous. Secretary of State James Baker introduced them on behalf of President Bush. President Bush and Baker lobbied other council (UN) members to support them. Representative Henry Gonzalez of Texas has charged that Bush and Baker bought the votes of several Security Council members with our tax dollars.

Also according to Ganzalez, Bush promised $300 million in credits to the Chinese government to ensure that China would abstain, rather than veto the Security Council resolution on force against Iraq. The US also offered aid to Romania and other governments represented on the Security Council at the time of the vote.
The president and his backers have used the UN to arrogate to the executive branch a control over foreign policy which is nowhere authorized in the Constitution.
Garet Garrett observed that “the first requisite of empire is: The executive power of Government shall be dominant. The news media didn’t tell the American public any thing about this. Again not what is good for America but what is good for Big Business.
George Bush Sr. Opened the gates for the Muslims to come into this country. He also jacked up gasoline prices from 75 cents a gallon to $1.25, then to $1.50. And who did the gas hike benefit, not you and me. At that time it was a lot of money, our wages didn’t match the price hike. Weather you realized it or not that brought down our standard of living. More money out of your pocket to pay for gas less money you can keep. And the Islamic world that is now trying to use  is our friends Saudi Arabia. They also own 8% of America. Another one of the Trilateral Commissions and the Bilderbergs to lower our standard of living.
Again the people didn’t approve of what George Bush was doing. When his four year term was up the United States voted for Bill Clinton, another Trilateral, and big time Bilderberg, his wife also. They are ranked number one of the United States leaders in Bilderberg. Again the people telling the political parties they want none of what is being pushed down our throats. The political parties don’t care what the people want, only what the powers want.
Clinton just carried on what Bush was doing with the Trilateral Commission. The Clinton’s always pushed for Communism/Socialism. The cut the United States Military in half, closed Military bases’, help sell Standard oil to England, now BP petroleum. China called him “Our man in the White House) Common knowledge Clinton away top- secret missile technology to Communist China and China gave the technology to Russia to build these missile. Two enemies of the United States of America have our missile technology to use against us. Also Hillary work for a Communist law firm. You know where her mind was and still is at. Did the Congress or the Senate do anything to stop President Clinton from giving these top-US Secrets? No. They have no loyalty to the United States or the American people. Only to every other country in the world.
The Clinton’s, Bill and Hillary, not only are high in the Trilateral Commission they are also hold top executive committee of the Bilderburgs. They will be the Emperor and Empress of North America. If our Country goes under. According to Patrick Wood in his article ( and this goes with the Belderberg concept of the New Order that all the Trilateral’s and the Bilderbergs want to happen to the United States of America) “America Plundered by the Global Elite”. Consider a few merges from recent history- all American Companies: These sold Amoco Corp-48.17 Billion Buyer: British Petroleum Co. PLC-United Kingdom
Arco-27.22 Billion
Buyer: Bp Amoco PLC – United Kingdom
Texaco-US refining & Marketing- 3.964 Billion
Buyer Vodafone Group PLC- United Kingdom
Chrysler Corp.-40.47 Billion, ( And we the people the Government bailed out Chrysler rom going under because they couldn’t produce a car that was worth the money they were all dogs.
Buyer: Daimler-Benz AG-Germany
Harcourt General Inc.-5.60 billion
Buyer: Reed Elsever Group PLC-United Kingdom (England)
There are more Companies that were sold and are being sold. The point is that America is being sold out in land and highways and industries with the help of the Presidents and the Congress & Senate. And we are apathetic to what is happening to us the people by going along with the party line weather it is Democrat or Republican.
David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski and don’t leave Henry Kissinger out he’s a big time operator in the Bilderberg. The Trilateral Commission founded in 1973 has been composed of slightly over 300 members chosen from the North America, Europe and Japan. The members are are literally the global elitists: top politicians, think tank philosophers (Brookings) Industrialists and Bankers.
It is clearly documented in Trilaterals Over Washington that the move toward global economic consolidation was well on it’s way. Twenty five years later, we are standing under an avalanche of economic deterioration. During this time America has literally Lost it’s shirt. We are technically quite bankrupt.
Thanks to our Government taking care of Big Business and the World and not the American People who voted our Congressmen and Senators and Presidents into office. All the people we voted for are “One eyed Jack”. Lately the Powers are pushing to drill for oil again in Alaska. Great! But after we develop it. Who will the President sell it too, you can’t forget the Congress and Senate, Saudi Arabia, England like we sold the last big oil strike, Russia, better Mexico, every enemy that we have will be able to buy what ever we develop. With the help of the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, Skull and Bones their into every thing. Isn’t the Government selling our land to Foreign Counties right now.

The Trilaterals and the Bilderbergs were counting on Hillary Clinton to be elected President of the United States. But they have a better candidate in Barrak Hussein Obama to push the over throw of the United States of America, into the New World Order. Why do you think that Dianne Finstein got Clinton and Obama together for their meeting at her house. To remind Hilary that they are all one club, and their one aim destroy America. These are all our European friends who are in control of all our politicians who we trust to run this Country.
Now all the Presidents belong to the Trilateral Commission and the Builderbergs, we now have a president who also belongs to the Skull and Bones. He has carried out the plans for the collapse of America. George Bush Jr. He brought us into a war which we did not want. The war is to protect Saudi Arabia oil interests in the Middle East. We are not fighting to defend America. Bush also gave the OK to the oil companies that all the gas stations charge one price. No more in competition for your business to buy your gas at a station you might like. Now he OK’D his friends to jack up the price of the barrel to 150.00 and we are paying 4.00 a gallon just for 87 octane. Under this administration including the Congress and Senate they refuse to stop the illegal immigrants from coming in. They are giving them every thing from money to free every thing. They refuse to close our borders. George Bush Jr. Has followed the Trilateral Commission’s and the Bilderburg order what Carter did lowered our standard of living useing high gasoline prices’s and higher taxes while telling us it’s OK that you are going to be poor. But we Elite’s will be more wealthy and you should be great full that we even allow you to live. They are our Masters. Wake up Americans!
The whole point is our Presidents and politician are controlled by the Trilateral Commission and the Builderbergs along with the Skull and Bones thrown in. Do not vote for a party. Vote for the guy you like. The Party Vote has brought us to brink of destruction. The only thing that keeps us free is that we all can own a gun to protect our self from the Federal Government.