Chris Rock ungrateful Black Racist



This proves that the Black actors and singers etc. are ungrateful racists and have little or no talent. Because if it were not for the White people and the Federal Government paying money to make them fit into sports and movies and colleges, making them the chosen race they couldn’t get anywhere on there own. If it were not for an unconstitutional law called Affirmative Action the Black population couldn’t not come to any stander. As it is they have went down in their standards and we are sent down also but not to their level of savagery.

Just because you are Black you should get an Academy award for being in a movie? Because you are Black everyone has to kiss your ass and make way for you? The Negro population are Racists against everything that is White. If it were not for the White man they would still be in chains. Do you think that if they still lived in Africa they could get away with being Racists. Do you think that the Muslims would tolerate them/ don’t think so. Only in America are they chosen above a White person, who qualifies more then they do for a job. What else do these ungrateful cry babies want. see if you can get to where you are width out Affirmative Action  without being the Chosen people of the Government. By the way Affirmative Action goes against the Constitution of equality. Dummies, and this law should be rescinded to make everyone equal. The we will see who is who. The only reason they are there is becasue they are Black where is their talent