Secure Carrier…Con Job


We have the best Con-Men and companies in the history of the World because we the people are really stupid and believe all the Propaganda a that is pounded into our brains 24/7.

I just got another piece of propaganda in the mail today. Your attention is needed imeaddeatly. Then  a two page letter that was convincing me to fill this secret questionnaire out. It is so important that if I didn’t fill it out immediately the sky would fall and the United States of America will no longer exist. The sky has already fallen and the United States of America is almost dead, because of our Presidents and Senators and Congressmen.

It was from the Heritage Foundation. 2016 Obama Care Ballot. All I have to do is answer all the questions yes, no or not sure. The questions are all fixed so that you answer them they way they want you too. But at the very end, they want your money to save you from Obama Care, which I call, “Murder Inc.”.  the Heritage Foundation will destroy Obama care.  All you have to do is send them, $20, $25, $50, $100, $250 or $500. Heritage will stop Obama Care. Heritage Foundation can’t save us from anything, I don’t care how much of your hard earned money you send them. The people that voted Obama Care  under Nancy Pelosi and Harry Ried got payed millions of dollars from the Insurance Lobbyists to pass Obama Care, for free, we the people being stupid and not paying attention how much money our Congressmen and senators collected, to sell us out,under the table for their vote for their divine ruler White Negro god Obama. So tell me how is the Heritage Foundation going to stop Obama Care when we voted for all the Republicans who said that the first thing they were going to do is repel Obama Care. They did  nothing. These liars would not do anything to stop Obama Care and here they are right now, funding Obama care at their White/Negro Communist god for anything he wants.

Don’t send your money to anyone like the Heritage Foundation or Politicians and the Republican Party or the Demo-rat Party they all work against we the people who have to live in the trenches on the street while they live far away from what we have to live with. Our children being bairn washed by Government education, Gang Bangers who have taken over the Cities like Chicago, take over schools from grammar school, to College selling dope and recruiting our children into the gangs and prostitution under the pain of death. Who are the Biggest Gangs in the United States to do that.  The Mexicans and the Blacks. and Porto Ricans. They also recruit   9 year old boys to become “Hit Men” for the Gnags so the grown ups don’t go to jail and children don’t go to prison. And now with other killers being brought into this country by Obama and the Traitors who we voted for to keep our country and we the people safe, the Muslims who want to kill every body who is an Infidel, plus their own wives sons and daughters if they don’t obey the laws of the Koran and Sharia  la, which legalize any one they murder.

Any money you would send to any Politician, or any organization that tells you to send them money and they will save you is bull shit, they will save themselves and give themselves a raise with your money . Go buy a good AR15, pistol, shot gun and ammo we are going to need it.