Pick on Trump night at CNN


The most liberal TV news station in the USA was running the “Pick ON Trump Night” They all look like little boys fight and arguing on a street corner. My shoe are bigger then your shoes, ha,haha ha. They all look like little boys snitching on each other. Kasik is a real goof. How can you tell Doctors to charge less to their patients and then tell them that the Government will compensate them for the money they are loosing? Excuse me. That means that our taxes will go higher and Kasike   opened the doors for legalized stealing by the Doctors. That is what the professional politicians have did all their lives is screw up everything they ever touched.  Rubio is still a child with no knowledge of what it means to have to make a living and work like a dog all your life just to breath the air. He is a Cuban Hispanic first last and always. Brain washed by his parents into how great the Hispanics and Cubans are.

Where did they find that Grease Ball Mexican machine gun talker to ask all these set up question about the poor Hispanics. ON her Radio show she is a dangerous propagandist perching how to turn America into Mexico.

All the People who come into this Country now Illegally or other wise do not want to America or assimilate to what America is and stands for. They want America to become a country from where they came from. They will never fight for America. They are not American and they don’t want top be Americans they get tons of free everything form our Socialist/ Communist Government. But White America has to pay for it as if they have all this coming to them because of who they represent, the criminal and garbage who their countries who threw them into the the United States of America. Obama’s Crowley/Prevan plan over load the the Country with dead beats no jobs and destroy  the Country. And every Demo-rat Communist and Traitor Republican is helping Obama to do just that.

These debates are childish . Of all the politicians on that stage Trump is the most honest, he knows what he’s talking about, and competition is good for the people. The people make money. Government control where there is no competition the people loose. Companies win and the Government win but the people loose.

Here is a good example of the Cubans , and mostly were criminals when Castro emptied the Jails. When the Cubans took over the Government of the city of Miami these ungrateful Cuban Hispanics, who America saved from Communism and death by Castro changed the language, by law to Spanish. Yes they sure wanted to become American. They wanted an extension to Cuba. And Marco Rubio is a set up by the Bush people and so is Kasik  when he said the greatest 41st President  we ever had was George Bush.  How much money did the Republican super pack give  Kasik.

Kasik talks about how he created jobs in Ohio. He didn’t create jobs the fracking companies did. I would like to know how much money they dropped on Kasik and the rest of the thieves that run the state of Ohio to let them do the Fracking for oil.

My opinion Trump is the bets candidate no one owns him and he tells the truth.