Senators and Congressmen are owned by someone



All the President libraries are money laundering for all the Presidents. Take Bill Clinton. I wonder how much money a month he gets for making China #1 trading Country and all the companies that went to china. So now the Senators and Congressmen found a way to get their money from foreign Countries when they put up phony tax free Institute for what ever. The Clinton’s have their charity who gives out nothing while she sold secrets to the Muslims for hundreds of thousands of dollars to be donated to her and Bills Charity Foundation from which the Draw a tax free salary with this money. All the Senators and congressmen have a money laundering Institute for bull shit studies where they get their tax free money from all Foreign Governments. As far as the Bush family they went to War to protect Saudi Arabia control of the oil. If you don’t think they get paid off by OPEC your crazy. And none of them care how many of our soldiers they kill to keep that money flowing into their Libraries because they are owned by Foreign Countries. Joe Biden has been taking millions of dollars from Iran from day one when he got elected Senator. Why do you think all these guys are super wealthy .They are all Traitors who should be hung by the neck until they are dead. They all use their office to sell out America to anyone who gives them money. John Boehner sold out the American people when he took over $900,000.00 in Political Donations by Cable companies and At&t and holding banks to pass laws for them to legally steal money from we the people for ever. They are all dirty, and the don’t care. Now it is that great number cruncher for the Government to steal more money and screw we the people who just sit on their hands and do nothing to stop this. Hey don’t forget main stream News media they go right along with all of this because they are owned by Foreign Companies and Rupert Murdock is Australian. George Soros, GE At&t, Ford, GM, Chrysler, the list is endless who own our Senators and  congressmen.

Diann Feinstein has gotten Government Contracts in selling Goivernment land and buildings, So has Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, all of them. What happens to these rats, nothing because they make the laws to protect them selves from going to jail. The Mafia are boy scouts compared to the Presidents and Senators and Congressmen.