Illegal Mexicans Threaten Voters

Now the Mexicans, like the Black Panthers are threatening the American voters that if they find out you voted for Donald Trump they are going to come and kill you? Never in this Country have the American people been threaten by the Black Panthers and now Mexicans telling them if they vote for Trump or anyone else they don’t want we are going to killed by them?

To me this is all caused by Barrack Hussein Obama and the Communist/ Progressive Demo-rats and the Traitor Republicans and since Obama’s taken over the Country. Mass killings,at least one a year orchestrated by Obama to take  away with the 2nd Amendment.

The head Justice Depart is run by Black Racists, who condone crime and  who let the Blacks, Muslims and now Illegal Mexicans get away with murder, threats of life to we the people and the United States of America and the News Media goes right along with this. And then our Obama Government allows all this. Keep the country in constant chaos and everyone at each others throats. All done by our Government under the leadership of Obama. This will continue if Hillary Clinton or Sanders get elected to President. Both are like Obama Communist.

Well let the Mexicans come to take out the people who will vote for Trump. They are not in Mexico now, where people can’t defend themselves against who ever wants to kill us in including our own federal Government pushing us closer to a civil war against our Government so that Obama can try and turn loose his federal police and the Armed forces to kill us all. Obama, Hillary Clinton, all the Demo-rats and traitor Republicans don’t want Trump, even though the people want Trump, they will allow anything to happen to we the people and not lift a finger to stop it and put the Mexicans and the Black Panthers in jail. And that is because the Department of Justice is run by radical Negros hand picked by Obama who are true Racists and hate all White America, and the Jews just like Obama.

Let the Mexicans come, they will not ever return, this is the United States of America where we have the right to defend ourselves against anyone, including our real enemy our own Government, let alone Illegals Mexicans, Muslims and Black Panthers and Gang Bangers who the Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans back. But our Government  never back we the people, becasue we do not figure into their plans of destroying our Freedom and our Country.

Buy more guns and ammo and be ready to save your life and your families lives. This Government should stop protecting the Criminals and everyone who wants to do us harm. But they won’t becasue this is what the Government wants, chaos and everyone against each other. The Government will go out of their way to protect Blacks, Mexicans and the Muslims before they protect us. And they want these Mexicans criminals to have Amnesty. None of these people  belong in this country they belong where they came from where there is no law. Do not give the Hispanics Amnesty, do not give cart-blanch to the Blacks to commit any crime they want and get away with it, or the Muslims. There are no Moderate Muslims if the believe in Islam they believe in murdering Christians and Jews, this a murder cult.