Antonio Gramsci’s disciples



Again here is an article that I wrote when Obama was just in Office. What I wrote then has come true today. Now we have two people who will follow Communism’s Gramsci’s writings and follow Obama right down the line to destroy America. Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Rubio, Kasich, Cruz, on the Republican side. And Romney the looser will try and set in for free to over. Trump is our only hope of freedom and liberty. Except for Trump the others are phony and Con men. Because they are controlled by big money people who want our country destroyed. Trump is his own man. This was right on the money when I wrote it and our Presidents and the Senators and Congressmen are still working for our destruction.



Antonio Gramsci’s disciple Barrack Hussein Obama



Following Antonio Gramsci’s Marxist formula to the letter, which Russia has also adopted, to destroy the United States of America. By bankrupting the Country, is just one way to destroy the American people. One of the main things that Obama has to do and he is getting plenty of help from the ACLU, who go to the supreme court and work against the values of Americans and tears down anything that looks like Christianity in the United States.  Obama takes a lot of orders from the Institute for Policy Studies, who have a direct line to Russia, along with the National Lawyers Guild, Center for Constitutional Rights and many more organizations that are in the mix to destroy the United States of America. With the Congressional Progressive Caucus which has been in place for years, Pelosi was the Chairman at one time until she was elected Chairman of the House where she can really do a lot of damage to the people of the United States and our freedom. The 77 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus control most of the voting in Congress. And none of these people are for the United States of America. They also take their orders from the Institute for Policy Studies, is a Russian Satellite in America.



Why is Obama’s focus going around the Europeans, the Muslims and all the Nations south of the Border? Now as Obama sees things from his quote to the Muslim World, “America is not a religious Country they, not we, are only Citizens…? So what is he telling the World, do not believe in God, or your Religion, believe in Man, and they must believe in Obama because he can go into the World and solve all the problems, he, Obama is more powerful than God. All the problems of the World were created by Man and a Man, Obama has only to talk to people and they will do what ever he says. Obama can talk to North Korea and tell them to stop their development of nuclear weapons, since Obama let the World know that he is cutting back on the defense system of this Country North Korea has gone ahead at full throttle with their nuclear rockets and tests. North Korea has even threatened to declare war on any Country that tried to stop him, meaning the United States of America. Obama is afraid, to stop one of North Korea ‘s ships that the United States suspects has more nuclear hard wear on it that was shipped out of China.  Obama in one of his brilliant speeches that would lull North Korea to sleep and roll over and say Obama is our leader, didn’t work.


Obama is trying to take the place of God to the Muslims World had Iran believe what he said, which was basically freedom from tyranny and that he would back them up. As usual in his abstract speeches you believe what you think Obama said and not what he really said. Obama led the Iranian people believe that if they revolted against Ahamadinejad, that Obama would step in and help them over throw the yoke of tyranny. Obama will not go against the real ruler of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who is supreme word of the Koran and Obama has always said he was for the Muslims. Now these Iranians believed Obama in his speech that he and he alone, don’t even think to pray to God because he is the new Man God who can solve all the Worlds ills.


That is one of the parts of the Gramsci creeds, Man is now God, and Obama is practicing how to look like the Marxist god of the World.


It is too bad that we Americans think that if we don’t do anything to save our freedom our freedom will be saved.  Americans better get up from behind the TV and beer and start getting involved in who they vote for, Americans better smarten up soon before they wake up one morning and there is no America. You can’t trust the News Media at all. They are State run with disinformation and propaganda for Obama and the Marxist take over.