Gang Rule in Chicago

Proof of all my article where I said that the Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans will rule the streets of America with all Gang Bangers and the religion will be the Murder Cult Islam to keep everyone under control and kill as many people as possible. Congressmen Gutierrez who rules all the Puerto-Ricans in the Humboldt Park area of Chicago, who is himself high up in the Latin Kings of Chicago who run all the dope on the Northwest side of Chicago; has rallied all the Latin gangs to threatening Trump with death if he comes to Chicago. Why would Trump not go, if it wasn’t a death threat by Gutierrez Gang affiliates. And one Gang member would sacrifice his life to kill Trump, with a guarantee that he would get a lite sentence because the Gangs control Chicago Demo-rat Politics.   All Departments including the Police Department. Why Trump want to come to a Demo-rat Gang strong hold like Chicago run by Obama’s #1 man R ohm Emanuel.

Gutierrez wanted to erect a statue of the FALN Puerto- Rican  terrorist who tried to kill President Truman. And Bill Clinton let them out of jail to get that vote for Hillary to become a Senator.

Gutierrez was born and educated in Chicago. Gutierrez hates the United States of America and wants the United States to be the United States of Puerto-Rico, he sepnt 4 years at the Liberal Communist Chicago College and loved all the Professors of hate white people and America.

In the United States of America it has the Gang Bangers and stupid college students rioted in Chicago against Trump. All orchestrated by Gutierrez, Emanuel and the Black Gang Bangers along with the Hispanic Gang Banger’s who run the City of Chicago. Will any of these people have to answer for this staged murderous riot against Trump. No, Gutierrez, like all Demo-rats is above the law. That’s Gangs, Black, and Latino flourish in America becasue laws are made to protect them and not we citizens.

This is what America is going to be if we let the Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans are elected to rule our free country it will no longer be free. Keep your guns loaded and handy we are going to need them  to save our selves and our families from all Hispanics, Black Gang Bangers, Muslims and our own Government. These are our enemies of we the people and our Country.  I endorse Trump for President.

The reason all the Latin Gag Bangers are against Trump is because he said he would do something as President to stop these murder-est Hispanic Gangs that are taking over the USA. They Control almost all of California, they control all the Demo-rat Cities and States. Including Miami, where Rubio comes form.