Making Deals


Already the News Media is talking about Trump making deals, and the connotation is that Trump will sell us out. Yet the News Media, Fox #1, when Obama stared  selling all the Governmnet buildings we owned, who got the deal? Diann Feinstein’s husband. Did the News Media, including Fox tell we the people? When Obama closed the Presidio, who got the contract to destroy that base and build houses on it? Diann Feinstein’s husband. Were we the people informed about this deal that Obama cut with Feinstein, by Fox or any other news media. No! Obama wants to close Getmo in Cuba. So he and Diann Feinstein and her husband can tear it down and build on that land. They all make billions of dollars. They use their Office to screw the American people and get rich, while our Government makes us poor.

How about the millions of dollars that another crook, John Boehner made before he stepped down. Talk about crooked deals to pass laws that will hit the American working in his pocket for the rest of their lives, While Boehenr and the Traitors went right along with it and got their share of the money. Did Fox news inform us of this deal or another deal that Boehner made? No they did not. Why? because the New Media is protecting all these Traitors including their White/ Negro god Obama and his crew of real thieves. The Mafia is a pale torch of crime compared to our Federal Government.

Then the Congress and the Senate pass another law that helps more corruption, that they have to spend every dime  that comes in at the end of the year. More waste and higher taxes. But don’t give the tax money back to the people, stick in their ass and raise the taxes. Yet they always give themselves more perks and more money.

So the News Media including Fox should be careful of what they say about Trump. I don’t think Trump is a dishonest person. But our Government is extremely dishonest. Fox  News is against is against Trump and that is why they give sly Connotations about Trump making deals, trying to say that Trump is a bad guy. Especially Brian what ever his last name on Fox. He thinks he is a smart ass, but he isn’t he just an asshole.

Two extremely bad sets of people that are against we the People…Our Government is #1 and the News Media Fox at the top of the list is the other enemy working with the Government and Obama to cover up all the corruption and lies to save Obama and the rest of the Traitors.

Keep your guns oiled  and cleaned we are going to need them When the Mexicans and Muslims try to take over and our Government will protect them before they protect us.