Obama caused the USA to get a AA+ Rating

This is still true today. But now we have Hillary Clinton, Communist/ Liar Socialist, super rich thief, Bernnie Sanders Communists, John  Kasick, Rhino, and Ted Cruz plan crazy. All these people are ready to carry on Obama work to destroy this Country. All Traitors.


Obama caused the United States to get an AA+ World Rating 8/06/11


Why isn’t the News-Media, including Fox put the blame where it is supposed to go right to our President, Obama he is the direct cause of the United States loosing its status in the World. Obama is destroying our economy as he had planed to do for the last two and years. Obama wants this to happen; Obama wants people out of work, he wants to cause a race war, he wants to cause a class war in this Country so the United States will collapse from with in. Obama with the help of the Communist Democrats and Republicans are killing this Country. They are piece by piece tearing our economy apart. To hear Obama talk he is not to blame for anything. Obama claims he is innocent of any damage to our economy our freedom or the free market, or Capitalism, or the stock market which he wants to ruin.


Obama is doing and getting all he wants to happen to the USA. Cass Sunstein who is married to Samantha Power an Irish Immigrant, who is Jew hater #2 in back of Obama, her husband who is a Jew and more then likely a Jew hater himself otherwise he would not have married Power is right at this moment in time rewriting our Constitution according to George Soros and Barrack Hussein Obama to change America into a third world Communist Country. Why doesn’t the News-Media put the blame on the person who is castrating our Country into nothing?


Can’t anyone see what this is? Obama has sworn to bring the United States down and he is doing a good job. If we the people are waiting for 2012 it might be to late, because he will have Acorn or its new name to steal all the votes he needs by having everyone voting days in advance of the real election day. All the Democratic Judges in the Country will allow votes to come in after the official count and voting has ended. The same way Obama let it happen in Minnesota when the Democratic Judge let votes be counted after they were found in a trunk of a car, and as the votes were needed the Politicians came up with the numbers for Al Franken to become a Democratic Senator. The News-Media backed off this fraud. Obama and his Gang of Traitors have control of the elections.


Obama’s election is guaranteed ¬†with the help of the Regulators, the Czars, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid’s Communist Democrats and Republicans all working together stealing all the money they can, for the promises of what part of the World or the United States they will be able to rule with an iron fist. We will be back in the Dark Ages, none of these people want we, the people to be free and move forward in the 21st Century or any time, they want full control over our minds and bodies. Obama and his Gang are the real enemy of the free people of the United States.


Obama blames every one but himself…for our AA rating, but whose watch did this happen on? Obama’s watch!!


We the free people should get into the streets with signs demanding that Obama should resign because he is destroying the United States of America.