Obama 21st Century Dictator

This was true when Obama the Traitor and Dictator was elected and it is still true. Our Senators and Congressmen have created a Dictator. Obama. And the News Media wants it to continue, along with the Traitor Senators and Congressmen becasue they want two Communists to carry on Obama’s and their work to destroy our Country. Hillary Clinton and Sanders. On the Republican side is Cruz and and Government Rhino subsidizer Kasick. That is what he says in all his speeches.

Nobody stops the King of the USA from doing and spending what he wants, as long as it isn’t his money. In Chicago they had two Black Mayors, Washington and another guy. They almost put the City of Chicago into bankruptcies. One Black commissioner of some had to call her Cousin in Uganda every day, the cost was a just $70,000.00 a month, of tax payers money. Everyone that Washington  knew got a radio phone in their car weather they worked for the City or not. Washington gave out city cars to his friends and till this day no one can account for them or where they went. Where is Obama today selling us out to Communist Cuba. Anyone stop the great White/Negro king and Dictator. No one


Ruth Love another great Black leader was made Superintendent of the Chicago school system. The first thing she did was build herself an office on 39th street that cost the taxpayers of Chicago over 2 million dollars. After a couple years she left with a couple hundred thousand dollars from her contract. Right after that the City of Chicago hired another Black school Superindent  from Rochester NY  who broke the School system there. He locked up all the school supplies in warehouses and the schools never got the books, new desks or even toilet paper. When he got fired he walked off with a small fortune. Where ever their is a Black person, President, Mayors, Governors, who are Black like our King, they must feel like all the tax money belongs to them. Their was a Mayor in Macon Georgia who used Tax payers money to go to Africa to study and become a Muslim. I guess that is the pay back from the White dummies who voted for them to spend all the tax payers money they want. Detroit is been run by Black Demo-rat mayors and counsel men, Detroit is now the Jewel in the Crown of the Demo-rat party of what the whole of every city in the USA should be and look like. A Black Ghetto. If King Obama needs more money for himself and family, all he has to do is demand that there should be another Sequester or raise the taxes, or he will cut off money to support our troops, and stop all social security payments to seniors citizens. But not to the busy outs with their greedy hands out for Government money.  That’s the way to run things the Black Demo-rat way spend all the money on your self. I bet King Obama has spent at least two trillion dollars on him self alone. Not counting the mooch or brain dead Big Joe Biden. King Obama is Black he can spend and do anything he wants. No body has the guts to stop him.