Multiculturalism and a two language Country

True then more true now.



Multiculturalism and a Two Language Country 12/07/10

Two very good examples of disloyalty and showing your “Mother Tongue,” is the Country you are for showed up the other day on a Fox news interview on Geraldo’s show, Sylvester Reyes a Democratic Congressmen of Latino decent showed that he was for his Mother Country, even though he might have born in the United States of America, Reyes is from Texas. He touted that we should give the Mexican Government billions of dollars more to help them fight the drug dealers, while making it quite clear that there was no trouble on the Borders of the United States and no Mexicans have crossed the Border illegally and there is no trouble with Mexican drug dealers. Anything that Arizona or Texas says, there is a huge problem with murder and kidnappings is a lie. Now is that disloyalty to the United States that Reyes has sworn to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States . You bet it is. Today nine Republicans voted for the “Dream Act “ all were from the Latino Caucus. These people have no Loyalty to the United States they are only loyal to Spanish speaking countries, not the United States of America .


This is caused by our education system, Multiculturalism and a two Language Country, letting people have duel citizenship, be a citizen of the USA and another Country. This has been passed by our Progressive Communist Democrats and Republicans to bring the United States down and kill our freedom, kill the Constitution, completely destroy the United States of America and what we stand for. A language binds a Country as one Nation, not two languages. Multiculturalism splits a country into many pieces, and is the cause of Foreigners who come here to stay loyal to their original Countries not the United States . There is only one culture and that is the culture of the United States of America . These new people who come here want us to change to their culture; they don’t want to become Americans. There isn’t one Latino that does not want the United States to change our language to Spanish. Even our Congressmen and Senators voted for a two language Country and the leaders of this in the Senate were John McCain and Diane Feinstein, along with the other great Traitor Hillary Clinton just to name a few. This why at this time that we the real Americans  the 300,000,00 people are fighting for our freedom and our lives. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are the leaders of all the Progressive Communist and Republican Traitors. Where is the Supreme Court to charge these people with Treason, because they want to over throw the Government of the United States and bring in Communism where we the people will become slaves of the Federal Government. Also included in the list of Traitors is Barrack Hussein Obama Rom Emanuel, all the Clinton administration serving Obama, the Unions, George Soros, Bill Ayers, all the Communist czars Obama hired. 90% of all the Professors of Hate that teach our children to hate America . Doesn’t the Supreme Court realize that the over throw of the United States will also over throw them the keepers of our law. The over throw of the United States is here and not with a gun.


Keep you guns by a ton of ammunition, the Second Amendment was not created for us to fight each other it was created to protect us from a Government that we have now that wants us to become their slaves. No matter what Obama and Clinton are doing to take our guns away from us don’t give them up hide them go to jail if you have too and rise up against Government Tyranny.

FEMA was created to take away our guns in any disaster that happens, FEMA was not created to come in and help out in natural disasters.  Watch out for the Governors most have pledge to Barrack Hussein Obama that will take away all the guns from the people, like let us say a Katrina some thing like that. The Governors will step in with the help of the State Police and FEMA and maybe even use Obama’s Green Army that he is raising, because it was signed into law along with Obama Care. That means Muslims and Gang Bangers. We can never trust the Federal Government again.