Ted Cruz a true Rat

Written by Mrs. Dauntless


I think that Ted Cruz is the  sniveling coward.  When that ad first came out in Utah about Melania Trump posing in a semi-nude position on GQ magazine  , and let me point out at that  time Melania was not married to Donald Trump and was a successful model., Ted Cruz being a devote evangelical , so he claims, should have stood up and disavowed  his name being connected to this kind of political dirty play.  As far as I am concerned the picture was not wrong it was the captioned, saying (haha) this is what your first Lady will be.

If he, Cruz, had done this, I think that many people would have thought him a good man and a Champion of all woman gaining him respect and perhaps many new votes.Of course Donald Trump reacted , any man would have although, if he had said that Melania was a famous model 16 years ago when this picture was taken and no matter what   she did in here younger years he was proud of her.

I KNOW WHY Ted Cruz reacted as he did.  When Donald Trump posted those two pictures of Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi along with Melania’s , Heidi  reacted as any jealous woman would and had a hissy fit because her picture was so unflattering compared to Melania’s so she said to good old Ted you better go out to the media and defend me.

I cannot vote for a man like Ted Cruz.  By not disavowing   his connection to this super PAC , I believe he knew about this campaign and let it go forward.  I do not like a man who throws his religion in my face saying how righteous he is and Christian he is and allows his  name to be attached to this kind of smutty innuendo.

By the way, I think that Melania  would make a great first lady .  What other first lady knows how to speak 5 languages .  What other first lady has a successful business, also Melania has her charity work including the red cross!  She is beautiful  , gracious And Intelligent.  She would be an access to the United States.  Don’t forget the first Lady of United States is a volunteer does not get paid for all the hours she puts in on our behalf.

Finally both parties should get back to the business of the United States and tell us how they will make us SAFE. I hope that in the meantime Barack Obama   because of his hated for any thing American does not get us KILLED!