Glen Beck and Author Brad Thor

Beck and Thor afraid of Trump over stepping his authority as President? Emperor Obama oversteps his authority everyday for the last eight years and no one stopped him. The Traitor Senators and Congress helped the Emperor Caligula Obama over step everything. The Constitution, the law of the land. The Emperor  has broken every law we have for his agenda to destroy the United States of America. Including Treason! But Beck and Thor never wanted to stop him from overstepping his authority.

Glen Beck, we all know, that he hates Trump worse then any man on earth including Emperor Caligula Hussein Obama, god of all leftest, Socialists,  Communists, Homosexuals and Illegal Hispanics and Muslims, including every Terrorist Muslim Group through out the World, who The Emperor channels our tax dollars too to wipe out all the Jews and Infidels.

To the point, Glen Beck and author Brad Thor plotted the murder of Donald Trump on Becks show. We have a President who is a Traitor and we have a Senate and Congress who are pushing our country into the New World Order, and no country at all. And Beck and Thor want Trump assassinated. I can think that there are a lot of other Politicians who they showed have figured out who should be assassinated.  Trump is for the United States of America first, not second not third or last. Trump wants our country to be strong again and number one in the world as we used to be. So do we the people.

I am glad to see that Glen Beck is now shut down and no more GBTV, Thor’s books should be pulled from the shelves and burned. All because Beck got big money from someone  who bought all his books to back a real  psychopath, Ted Cruz.

Obama is the only President who right up front is destroying our country with the help of every Senator and Congressmen in Washington. How come Beck and Thor never plotted to kill Obama. Do you think they didn’t want to be accused of Racism or called Racists? But they want to kill Trump who isn’t even elected President yet. Good abidance  to Glen Beck, who I used to be a fan of, but since he abused Trump on his program no more. Trump is better then any professional Politicians that are running our country into the ground for the last eight years.