When did Emperor Caligula Obama..


When did Emperor Caligula Obama Ideas become law? Congress did not vote on his Transgender, Homosexual friends have to go to the women’s rest room. Is that becasue Michell is is a Transvestite? Emperor Caligula Obama and his wife say something the want  and it’s done right now and there it goes into action? Caligula Obama and his wife are sick minded people and every leftist Liberal thinking.    Emperor Obama, along with Empress Michell, are  people who don’t have mental problems? Yes Emperor Caligula Obama and the Empress Michell with the help of every Senator and Congressmen who supports the Emperor and his wife are just as mentally deranged as their god and Master, Emperor Barrack Hussein Obama.

It seems like that Emperor Caligula Obama and his wife like going into the women’s rest room to smell their farts, urine and shit. Maybe Caligula and his wife  wack  themselves  off while he was in the lady’s rest room smelling all those glorious smells that the women put out in the toilet. Any one who is a  transgender or what ever  sick minded degenerate  want to use the women’s toilet is weird and should be put into an institution because they are dangerous. And what is this going to lead too? More sick Homo stuff. You let in a little and then keep bringing more sick stuff for sexual degenerates like the Emperor and Empress are, they like that other wise it would never be done. This country is being dragged down too the dregs of the earth where there is nor respect for anything. To live like animals, not civilized human beings.

Where are the women and the parents to go up in arms and protest another of Emperor Caligula Obama’s  ideas to change the face of the United States of America. And where is the gutless Senators and Congressmen  to put a stop this, Transgender crap. Now if the Schools weren’t taking money from the Department of education also run by Transgenders and Homosexuals to tell the schools that the Government is going to sue them for not doing what Emperor Caligula Obama wants, because they take the Government money. Tell them to stick the money where the sun don’t shine. But they won’t because they cut up the Government and pout most of it in their pockets, and the Boards of Education will enforce what Emperor Obama wants and sacrifice humanity.

Whats next Emperor Caligula Obama, are you going to force the Senators and Congressman’s wives and children to prostitute for you to raise more money for your self. And for the women who are Senators and Congresswomen their husbands and sons  should prostitute them selves to you and your Homosexual friends for money for you?   Or may be Government run education should start showing Porno Films, educational about how great it is to be a Transvestite or Homosexual in the shools.

This proves what a sick mind Emperor Obama and the Empress have. They say the word with out the consent of the Senate or the Congress and that becomes the Law? Since when Mr Emperor Caligula Barrack Hussein Obama you are above the law of the land.

Why haven’t the Senators and Congressmen impeached the Emperor yet? Because they have the same filthy mind that he does.