Hillary Clinton to Kill The USA

If Hillary Clinton is elected President, it will end the United States of America and turn it into a 3rd world Hispanic Country run by Gangs and Muslims. She will kill all the Jews first for the Muslims, and put real chains around the Black population.

Yet the Main  stream news media loves her and want to help her destroy our country, they are all in the Tank for her. The News media lies through their teeth with their numbers that say they talked to 1100 people and the Queen of hearts is ahead of Trump. 1100 people hand picked by the news media. 1100 people do not represent 250 million registered voter in the USA. They certainly don’t represent me and the people I know, and that is quite a few.   All propaganda to make Hillary Clinton the Traitor who hates the American people especially the White people, and the Military. She like Obama and Bill Aries hate America and all that we stand for. She loves Sol Alinsky’s Communist World, Alinksky taught her how to cheat and lie and steal and we pay for her crimes. If she becomes President we better go to the gun and march on Washing and take back our Country, because if we don’t we will have no guns to protect our selves with, no freedom and no money. Only,y the Queen of Hearts and her family will have all the money and we will be their salves.

Hillary Clinton will sell us out to anyone for money, and she will give the Russians, the Hispanics, and her husband’s favorite Country China who pay in kick backs for the Clinton’s making them #1 trading in this country and helping all American business go to China. I wonder how much money the Clinton’s got for being instrumental in selling England our oil find in Alaska and in the sale of standard oil to British Petroleum. It must have been in the millions and it went to the Clinton Foundation so they don’t have to pay taxes on their Billions they got for this one alone. How much more can satisfy their greed. They have no loyalty to our Country or we the people.