On Facebook. there are a lot of people pointing how Monsanto is poisoning, we the people, by putting their bug killer chemicals on our food plants. Also they are the one’s, who are putting food preservatives in our food to greatly expand the food life on the shelf in the grocery stores. Yes I can see that I remember when, let’s say a Twinkie, it stayed on the shelf for three days and it was gone and a new batch was put. In Fact all the perishable products were gone in three days. But now bread is good for three weeks.

The point is, and I agree, since all these chemicals are allowed to be put into all of our food, more people are coming up with Cancer, Diabetics, heart problems and many other diseases that are life threatening and I agree.

Now I wouldn’t put the whole blame on Monsanto, they are doing business like any other hard cold blooded Company only thinking about their profits, and could care less if their chemicals killed 80% of the population of the United States of America as long as they can sell their product. But it is not only Monsanto that is to blame for these chemicals to be brought into our food chain, cause great sickness to our population. Our enemy, the United States Government, let’s start with Jimmy Carter and all the to right now Emperor Caligula Hussein Obama and their greed for more money and power. The we have to include every Traitor Senator and Congressmen , Demo-rat and Republican. And the real Rats who allowed these chemicals into our food and they also took tons of money and cut it up starting with the Presidents and to use Georgie Bush Jr. approach the money trickled down to the rest of the people. It is the Federal department of Food and Drug Administration who is really at fault. They took their orders from, let’s start with the President and work our way down through all the Senators and Congressmen who gave orders to the head of the food and Drug Administration to allow these chemicals in our food chain. They then all got their million of dollars in bribes from Monsanto’s Lobbyist. The guy that runs the FDA more then likely didn’t take money. Maybe he took tons of stock worth a few million dollars. But they all got their share of the money to allow Monsanto to pout chemicals into our food that would hurt us physically after eating this poison and it gets into our systems and we die of Cancer, Heart attack, Diabetes or even create some new deadly disease. And that is how the people should really blame is our enemy our own Government!

If Hillary Clinton gets in, our country will be totally destroyed. Vote for Trump