Trump’s Organization needs to Research Michelle Obama

Someone in Trump’s Organization should research what Michelle Obama said about Hillary Clinton in 2008 and make a commercial  with her comments because Michelle is out campaigning for her saying how wonderful she is, what a laugh!!!!

In addition, it should be said that Hillary is ruthless. When she dug up an ex miss universe from 20 yrs ago to attack Trump for calling Miss Universe miss piggy,Trump’s organization should remind the American people that Hillary made sure that she ruined the life of Monica Lewinsky, who was a young, impressionable girl who got herself caught up and used by Bill Clinton over and over again which she thought was serious.  He was a CAD OF THE WORST KIND AND HILLARY BEING A VICIOUS AND RUTHLESS PERSON RUINED HER LIFE TO MAKE SURE SHE WAS NOT GOING TO GET IN THE WAY OF HER FUTURE PLANS.  Hillary was never a woman who would stand up for other women she is a big PHONY!!!

Written by Mrs. Dauntless