The Death of America

A Friend of mine sent me this. I don’t who the author is. But I can say this about the article. It is our fault because we voted for these Traitors every time. When all the dirt came out Obama who is a Communist, Homosexual, Closet Muslim, Killer of babies, Hates the United States of America. Who was elected because of George Bush Jr, stabbing the people in the back.

Dummies believed Obama a pathological lier like his mate Hillary Clinton and the stupidity of the America public voted this Traitor in twice and all the Progressive Senators and Congressmen including the Traitors who call themselves Republicans allowed and helped Obama open “Pandora’s Box” and destroy our Country . It is our fault for not making sure who we voted for. I did. I have always known what Obama the Clinton’s and the New World Order Bush family are. Money hungry Traitors who used out troops as whores and got them killed, not for defending our Country and our Freedom but to save the Oil for Saudi Arabia and for the UN. Our stupid Government who love the UN voted for a “NO WIN WAR EVER” Just kill our kids for the UN!!! We the stupid America voting Public allowed this to happen. Remember what the great Demo-rat Traitor, Linden Johnson said when he had his “Great Society, ” bill passed,  something like that, and said with a glass of booze in his dirty hands, We’ll, the Progressive Communist Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans, ” Have The Nigger Vote for the next two hundred years!” But the Black Community live in a modern Jungle surrounded  by their own killers that they created with the help of our Government crippling their minds with Racism and blame the White people for them living in hell that they alone created. The Negros have no value on life otherwise they would be killing each other over who controls all the dope in the cities, they kill each other like shooting rats in a barrel.  Our Demo-rat Government created all this in the guise of saving the poor Negro. Bull Shit!

We the people should have demanded “Term Limits 50 years ago so these Traitors couldn’t become so powerful to destroy our Nation! But the people had their head up their asses, free money, to the Blacks, free sex, sports, dope, marijuana, co-Cain by the ton  that is now legal in Colorado, where all the criminal Drug dealers have dope shops, so everyone who wants to get high can. It’s like the Opium Wars that England started to get into China and suck their blood dry.

Teachers of hate, given grants by our Government to brain wash our children’s  minds. All those people that are in power now, running our Government came out the the Sixties, “Kill the Pigs” Spit on our troops for going to a “No Win War that was created by the UN.   But this is all our fault, it didn’t just happen we helped it along by voting for people that are worse then the Mafia! They make the laws to legitimize their crimes against the United States of America and laugh at us like Hillary Clinton who can’t be touched by any law of this Country. WE HAVE TO VOTE FOR TRUMP! But always remember our Government is our enemy, we have no enemies outside the USA. Our Government works with and for our enemies to destroy us. They will not be destroyed but we the people will.

Be ready to fight for our Country!!! Guns and Ammo and practice your skills at shooting our enemy when they come for us. OUR OWN GOVERNMENT!!!  Band together as one and strike back with as force as we can, no mercy, our Government will show us no mercy! The Criminals will rule, Followers of Obama and the Clinton’s. All the Senators and Congressmen are above the law. Not you and me.


The death of America
Part I.
America, not so long ago, was the pride of the whole world. We were
a nation that produced and sold its goods. We were a nation that
fought for democracy, and held tight to the belief that together this
nation was able to face anything and come out on top. When adversity
hit our nation we would pull together as one and would not allow
anyone or anything to divide us. Doctors and lawyers would stand
arm in arm with factory workers and day laborer’s. Although, sadly
enough there have always been pockets of racism, but in times of
trouble and adversity even that would disappear. When the twin
towers were attacked terrorists thought they would divide us, they only
made us stronger. For 7 years after that fateful date 9/11 we did not
have a terrorist attack on American soil. When we heard the national
anthem play our hearts filled with passion and pride. Nobody would
dare disrespect the flag, not out of fear, rather out of respect and a
sense of patriotism. So what has happened to this great nation in the
last 8 years?
I look around, I talk to people I read and I hear and see a country
coming apart at the seems. I watch people disrespect a flag that is a
symbol of what we all came to this country for in the first place. I see
more racial tension since the 60’s. I see more people working less
and expecting more. I see law and order being replaced by anarchy
and chaos. Now with this election our nation has never been more
divided, America seems more like an unfolding lawn chair. Again I
ask myself why?
I do not want to get into conspiracy theories. At this time I would
like to stay under the coat of facts. The biggest problem I can see is
not our political system. Instead I will put the entire blame on ou