Subliminal Messaging by our Politicians and Propaganda Machine, TV


Subliminal Messaging by Politicians

I wrote this in 2008 and it is true and still going on, right now in 2016.

No one can be liked or deemed perfect. No one can be seen as the greatest thing that walked the earth. No one can be an eloquent speaker, as the media claim, he is, because when he doesn’t have his teleprompter all you hear is uhhhh, I think that uhhhh this should  uhhhhh, be done. There is none who is liked that much on this earth. Could it be lies, propaganda, misinformation and Subliminal Messaging that is brain washing the people of the United States to believe all Obama’s and the Marxist Democrats and Republican lies, about every thing that Obama promises. Obama’s only promise that he has kept is that he will destroy the United States of America!


Could it be that his unscrupulous staff, David Axelrod, Rom Emanuel, and the most brilliant of the Obama people is the shadow man the most dangerous man, David Ploffe who calls the Democratic Party, the Obama Party? Obama and these people along with the main stream news media will stop at nothing, including Subliminal Messaging to get all Obama’s plans for Marxism and full control of every aspect of American life. Be sure to keep the Black community dependent on Government hand outs. Be sure to take care of every illegal Mexican with Social Security and free everything for his guaranteed voter base. Obama will lie to the people, he will cheat the people of their freedom, and Obama will change the Constitution so he will be the Ruler of the United States.


All the problems we have today with Obama and Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Reid, Boxer and The Congressional Progressive Caucus (all Democrats and all Marxists) have been caused by all the Presidents, Vice Presidents, their Administration and all the Senators and Congressmen for years, and now we have come to this.


Obama has caused the United States, with the help of everyone in Washington, for the America to be bankrupted; he has clogged up the Bureaucracy with demands that cannot be met. Obama is now poised to make a speech about his Health Care Plan that is a complete lie, and he will use Subliminal Messaging to get his point across. You will wake up and say to yourself I didn’t want that because it is designed to kill off as many of the American Seniors and all Americans he can.


Obama has studied all his life for the destruction of America. You can start with his Communist thinking white Grandparents, to his teenage mentor Communist Party USA, Frank Marshall Davis, to his College education at the radical left Colleges, Occidental, and Columbia U. to study the Cloward / Piven Strategy along with Antonio Gramsci’s new Communist Manifesto, more dangerous than the old Communist Manifesto, then to Harvard. Obama’s real Change is to enslave, and murder babies, and now the citizens of the United States, with his Health Care Plan that no one will receive Health Care. But Obama the Congress and the Senate and all the Bureaucracy will not have the same plan we the people will have. Theirs and their families and generations of their families will have real access to Health Care the Best. But with Subliminal Messaging he and the Main Stream News Media will make it look like Marxist Utopia.

Our Government, Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, Bureaucracys  and the UN and others will do anything they can to subdue us into a false feeling that everything is just fine. Even though they are brain washing we the people into Communism and Socialism open borders and no Constitutional Rights is going to be a better world.

Let’s hope that Trump can turn things around. But if he appoints Romany to any post in his administration Trump is a lie, and a one term President. Remember that  the Federal Government is our true enemy and they want to destroy us but not them they will rule the World!!!