Anybody see a Problem here?

Staff writer Hungry Joe:

I have read so many posts from liberals who say, “All you stupid mother F’ers who voted for trump….”You people are racist and should be kicked out of America”….”I have feelings of blowing up the white house”…….”If conservatives cant see how wrong they are they should leave my country”. Rioting in the streets and destroying other Americans property…..Attacking people in America that voted for Trump……Verbal and physical assaults on Americans who voted for Trump..…Liberals have this belief that conservatives are self centered. They believe that conservatives lack compassion for others. They have this idea that conservatives need to be more tolerant of others….They firmly believe that they are right and anybody who doesn’t think like them is wrong…..TURNS OUT IT LOOKS LIKE CONSERVATIVES AND LIBERALS DO THINK ALIKE AND BOTH CARRY SOME OF THE SAME ANGER…..LOOKS LIKE CONSERVATIVES AND LIBERALS HAVE MANY OF THE SAME DESTINE……DIFFERENCE IS CONSERVATIVES FEEL THIS WAY ABOUT OTHER COUNTRIES WHO WISH US HARM….LIBERALS FEEL THIS WAY ABOUT AMERICANS…..DOES ANYBODY SEE A PROBLEM HERE?