I just got a letter

I just got a letter from one one of favorite people, Sean Hannity, who i have listened to and watched on TV. The letter is telling me that my city has been picked out by Barrack (Caligula) Hussein Obama to get undocumented Muslims. He knows that my Governor doesn’t want these people here and nor do I because they are our Government’s Trojan horse to invade and take over the United States of America. They are also the chosen people of the 9th District Court that stopped President Trump from bringing these people into our Country. Also I might add every Jew that is Congress or the Senate and Bloomberg the last Mayor off New York city wants them in this Country to help destroy us. And every other Senator and Congressmen wanted that too otherwise they would have stopped Obama!!! They didn’t!!! This is part of the Bush Family’s “New World Order” Destroy Christianity and all the Jews in the United States of America.

Sena asked for money to help stop this invasion of my States and I am sure that every State got his letter. From my past experience dealing with Federal, State, County or City Governments, you can drain your bank account and give a hundred million dollars and that won’t stop the invasion. It never has and it never will. This is what the Powers that control the World want and these people control our Senators and Congressmen, the UN the Bilderbergs , every NOC Government want the so the USA will,l no longer be here !!! Nor will the White people, that is Emperor (Caligula) Hussein Obama Legacy is. Death, no Freedom and Chaos!!!

The Government has already, years ago passed laws, that you cannot defend your self against  the Muslims if they decide to kill you. Don’t we have a wonderful Government, they never stick up for we the people. the always stick up for the enemy of our county. Do you believe that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg voted for this law. What is she…? These same liberals voted for Hitler to rule Germany, when he got in he started killing the Jews who voted him in.

Obama never has to live with the Muslims or put up with them wanting to kill us and take away our Country. Nor do any of the Elite Politicians or the super rich like the Bush Family, the Clinton’s, Biden’s or the Rockefeller’s, movie stars, the press, we do. We the people who have to work hard for a living to support all these Muslims and Illegal Mexicans that are coming into this country. None of them have to work they get money from our tax dollars, more then the average man or women make a year  they make  in 6 months they get everything free, what do you think Obama Care was written for we the people? No it was written for the Muslims and the Illegal mexicans. We pay to be destroyed by our Big Brother Government that was put in place by Obama and all the Demo -rats and Traitor Republicans, lead by John McCain!

So now we have to watch out that these Traitors don’t take away our right to own a gun and defend our selves against these Muslims and Illegal Mexicans. We the White people now stand alone. Who will the Black people stand with when the time comes? Who will the Latino’s Stand with when the time comes. So we the White people will stand alone against these animals that Carter, The Bush Family, the Clinton’s and the Obama Traitors brought to this Country to destroy us.The Muslims produce children 8/1 children, because they all have four wives that we support them all, over ever body, we pay for their support, they don’t work!!! In  time they will take over and this Country will be gone. This will be the last great war that is in the Bible and we will win over the Islam and then there will be peace before the end of the world.

Who are the people that cause all the misery and suffering and mass murder of people in the World. The Politicians!!!. President Trump is trying to save us. We have to back him all the way, and if we have to have a civil war to protect our President Trump our country and our freedom, so be it, but show no mercy to anyone who is our enemies, especially, ex-Presidents, Senators and Congressmen and people like George Sorros! If we are going to go down  and our country destroyed let us destroy the people who caused it all.Grease your bullets in Pig fat, buy a pig instead of a dog and walk him around where the Muslim are have pig races in their areas. You hang a Muslim in a Pig skin he never makes to their heaven, kill them with a bullet dipped in Pig fat same thing. Use their weaknesses against them as they use ours! Be strong be ready!