Who is pushing for the Muslim invasion of the United States

Who is pushing for the Muslim invasion of the United States of America?¬† We the people don’t want Muslims in our Country or do we want the Invasion of Illegal Hispanics in our Country and we want the Federal Government to stop paying these people money to come here. And when they get here we the people do not want the Government¬† to give them money so they have support. It is our hard earned money, not the Liberal Dem-rats and Traitor Republicans money. We are not the Charity for the World. Drugs went up because of Obama and the Congress and the Senate give free drugs through out the world. That’s why if you have to have Crestor it will cost you $300.00 for 30 days. So food keeps going up because the Obama Government is giving away free food around the World and we dummies pay for it, that why a 1lb steak cost 19.99.

The News Media and Sors, Schummer , Pelosi and the Progressive Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans who’s leader is John McCain, a gun sales men for Obama and Hillary Clinton selling arms to the same people who our killing our children. They are the one’s pushing for the Muslim invasion of Terrorists.

As a nation we don’t have to let anyone into this Country!!! And that’s a great idea. The News Media will and does carry on Obama’ s work to destroy the United States of America. The News Media is working for Obama, not President Trump.

We have more enemies of our Country right here in the United States of America then anywhere else. The Son’s of Liberty should always be ready to defend our freedom and President Trump. Keep you guns and dip your bullets in pig fat, no Muslim will come up against that weapon, guaranteed. ¬† You have Muslims in your neighborhood, get rid of your dog and get a small Pot Bellied Pig. Put him on a leash and take him for a walk. That’s how you fight Muslims.

The News Medan is going to bring back Barrack Hussein Obama to cause trouble and stcik hiss nose into the affairs of President Trump to undermine him. Boycott all the News Media who is against President Trump!