Constituents, that what Senator R. Cassidy said to a reporter when he asked him about why he is leaving Washington D.C. and not getting a health care bill through. “I am going home  to ask my Constituents  what they want me to do”. Barf!!! This Rat like all the Rats in the Senate and the Congress don’t give a crap what there constituents want . They don’t have Obama Care, we do. They listen to you and go back to Washington and do what the were bribed to do by the Insurance Companies that told them they have to do because they got millions of dollars in Campaign funding that is tax free and they screw us! The working white Class people are the ones who foot the bill for every bust out that comes to this country and the people that have lived on the Government like leches sucking the blood money from our Country, for all of their life getting  everything for free. We the White middle always get it stuck where the sun don’t shine.

No Illegal Mexican or Muslim pays for any health care it is all free to the Minorities, and their are a lot of people that fall under this Minority that have come to this country and we the White people get punished. These Politicians want all these people here to get their votes and stay in power and get more wealthy every day by taking bribes, that are covered for them because they make the laws that put them above the law.

I have a friend who has Leukemia, there is a pill he can take that isn’t as bad as chemo,  and can control the Cancer. But guess what he can’t afford $2,000.00 a month for 30 pills, he is not rich and live s on a modest pension, and he is White,  It’s OK if he dies but not Obama and the Senators and Congressmen chosen people, one less White person they have to deal with.

Who gets all this free? Every Illegal Mexican and Latino criminal that Obama wanted Mexico to help with this invasion of Ignorance and criminals into this Country. No Muslim pays for anything, no minority pays for anything, the Senator and Congressmen chosen people, and they passed these laws, for their god Emperor Caligula  Hussein Obama. Destroying and killing the only people who pay for this Corrupt Government Scum to destroy all the Withe people and kill us anyway they can.Ezikual Emanuel who helped write Obama care is in great favor o this if you watched on TV or read any papers he has written. It’s grate for the White people to die , but him or his family or his brother or him. Just us.

Talk to their Constituents, yes and bull-shit them right down the line and work with each other and Big Government to stick it to tier Constituents when they get back to Washington D.C. If you think these Rats work for the USA or we the people you are wrong, they work for themselves and against we the people, and everybody else in the wordl but not us.

These Rats make more money in  perks, then most people make all year of braking their back to make a living, that they voted for themselves more then their pay . They give their Children jobs over 200,00 a year and they do nothing to earn it, as their Aids.

One Rat that gave up his Senate seat was Chambliss from Georgia, he spent $250.000.00 a year playing golf and gave his pals lunch to the tune of $27,000.00 his perks and our tax dollars, nice job right. And that was in the news papers. What happened to him? Nothing. They all belong to the same club, they are all above the law and Super Rich selling out our Country. McConnell and Ryan will never do away with Obama Care, they have to much money at stake with the Insurance Companies and George Soros that own all of them and that includes the Demo-rats. We have to have term limits!!!

What Obama and the Fake News media have done for us to reveal  what kind of Rats these people really are and how they don’t care about us or our Country they are looking ahead to rule the world and sacrifice America and all the people, becasue they live with guards 24/7 who have the best auto machine pistols that are made and they live behind Brick walls 20 feet high. They don’t have top live with the Gangs, Illegal Criminals and the scum of the earth. We do! Trust your Senator of Congressmen or Mayor, big mistake. Only President Trump is a straight guy and no one owns him he used his own money top get elected President.