Miss Bully Wasserman Schultz

Wasserman Schultz will never go to jail or have to resign her place in the Congress, even though she more then likely committed Treason against the United Sates for her Pakistani Lover. Who made millions of dollars with her help gave him the  inside track on everything that was going on in Washington DC. First of all she is a leading  a Socialist/Communist Jew and a Demo-rat and a worker for Hillary  Clinton, who is also above the law. Wasserman Schultz is also above the law. There will be all kind of investigations with her and nothing will happen. It’s all a show, they don’t convict their own for any crime that the Demo-rats and Republicans that they commit.

The Clinton Crime Family is a good example. And they are grooming their daughter to be a Senator and like her parents steal and lie and cheat the people and the Government out of all the money she will be able to steal, like her parents and Commit Treason by selling secrets and like her mother and father deal with the enemies of our Country for cash.

Sessions will never have Wessernan Schultz indited and she and her Muslim boy friend will go free with over four million dollars that Schultz helped them defraud the banks out of.

Watch and see, the Government won’t touch her, they will protect her. I am right and I predict it. Knowing what scum the Politicians are and the head Jew Schummer who runs all the Politicians  with the help of McConnell and Ryan,  won’t let nothing happen to this loud foul mouthed bully Pig, Schultz.