Does anyone realize what the Federal Government means when it tells us they will subsidize companies and individuals. Like that loud mouth, no class slob, John Kasich, when he was debating to be President. Kasich said,his great plan to replace Obama Care would be to “Subsidize all the Doctors. Typical of all professional Politicians, Republican and Demo-rat. That means that Kasih and the rest of the Dictators that call them selves Senators and Congressmen have just give the Doctors the license and opportunity to become thieves and liars and a huge scale. They can legally steal millions of our tax dollars when they tell the dumb assholes that run our Country that they lost 2 million dollars under the new system that John The Slob Kasch would incorporate as the replacement for Obama Care. The Government would pay these Doctors. I’d do it in a minute. Wouldn’t you. Free millions of dollars and you never go to jail for fraud. Boy are these professional politicians good thinkers.

Do you know that 3/4 of all the car dealers and other Companies in the United States of America that donated to the Obama Presidency. All are Subsidized by the Government. Want to know why you can’t get a good money deal from the car dealers? At the end of the year all they have to do is show that they had a loss of a few millions dollars and “Bingo” Our brilliant Senators and Congressmen cough up the money and pay the dealer off. It also might be a good friend or relative that they know and put in business and then cut up the our free tax dollars between themselves and stay rich forever on our Tax dollars.

You know how’s money they use. Our tax dollars. The Government at work screwing the people. Vote them all out Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans in 2018. Vote Tea Party or anybody new but don’t put the same people back or their family, like Children, Nephews, Nieces, Cousins, if they have any relation to the people we vote out, don’t vote for them. I’ll give you a good tip you get these old guys off the ballot when you vote in the Primary¬† election! Vote in the Primary that is more important then the election, becasue now you put the new person up for election and the old Traitor Guard that have ruled us for 60 years will be gone. We the people will drain the swamp, President Trump can’t. Remember it is the Primary Election where you get the new person in. A lot of people don’t like to vote in the Primary becasue they have to declare them selves Demo-rat or Republican. Don’t let that stop you that is how the Politicians have figured out who to keep their Rats in power. Declare your self and vote for the¬† new guy. So what if they know you voted and declared your self a Demo-rat or a Republican or what ever. Tea Party. The Politicians have never done anything to help the White people. So what have you got to loose. Nothing and you drained the swamp and now we will have people that will work with President Trump to clean up our Country. Cut taxes, Build the Wall and destroy Obama Care and everything else that we agree with President Trump to do to make our Country Great forever!!! Drain the Swamp Vote in the Primary and get the new person on. They don’t work out vote them out. Get Term Limits!!!