Regional Governments

First lets look at what Socialism/Progressive Communism is that is being pushed in our Country by our Federal Government anb Education. A Socialist Government have never held that human life is special or needs to be preserved. People are little more then live stock to the Socialist and like livestock they are free to be slaughtered when necessary. This was an article written from “Godfathers Politics” and I saved it.

Now this all falls in with what is going on today in our Government at the lead of all of this, and Government run education. We have to look who is in charge, or the majority of people who run this Bureaucracy are Negros who hate America and Jews and White people, like Obama and his wife.

The tearing down of the Ten Commandments, the Confederate Flag,  statues of great civil war generals and now even George Washington who owned slaves. Is part of and more of the Communist Manifesto “Destroy Tradition  and Instill, the new Thinking”, Socialism/Progressive Communism. All this is controlled and condoned by our Senators, Congressmen,ex-Presidents and the Bureaucracies. Even the Supreme Court.  Other wise this wouldn’t be happening. The Federal Government is in full control of everything.

If you look at what Obama put in place with planned Parenthood. Abortions by the millions becasue our Government gives millions if not Billions of dollars to countries all over the world to commit abortions . Not only was Obama “Culling people, we the people of the United States of America paid for the murder of unborn babies and partial births by Doctors (sic,Sic) who are more monsters then human beings, gladly committing these legalized murders by Obama and our Senators and Congressmen, for money and selling body parts of these innocent babies.

So President Trump is trying his best top save us and our Country from our enemies our own Government from destroying and the world. Now when the Regional Government, “The Bush Family New World Order” comes in after we have helped destroy our Country by not taking things under control while we have the chance, and not taking back our Country, as the Constitution says we the people have the right and the power to march on Washington and throw out all the Senators and Congressmen and Bureaucracies and start over, we won’t exists any more only if the Regional; Government will allow any one to live. Europe now has a Regional Government which controls everyone’s lives and their money and their countries. That is practicing the New World Order. When they deem fit that the population is becoming to large, lets says they decide that they want Muslims to be the majority of people in any section of Europe they want. They send out the Death squads, like the Gestapo of the Hitler Regime and they simple round up all the people who are not Muslims and kill them. They don’t have to worry now about anything that is humanity because there is none. Lets say in a section of any part of the World there are children and grown up that are too intelligent, again the Gestapo killers will come there and kill them all. That is a Socialist New World Order Regional Government.

This is the future if we don’t take back our Country and do it soon. Our Federal Government hate we the people and the White Population so much that is why they are over loading people who are not White and who are not Christian.    While our Government is going out of it’s why to destroy our Christian Beliefs and the new religion will be the Government and Islam.  And don’t believe that bull shit that they worship the same Jesus Christ as we do. The Muslim don’t, they worship the Mood god. That everybody who is not a Christian worships the same God our God Jesus Christ, that is Hollywood Propaganda. Right now we are very close to living with the Bush Family’s New World Order” we have to take our Country back even if it means a civil war.

All of these things will never effect the Super Rich Senators and Congressmen who act like they are poor and like we the people but they are not. And the 7% of the richest people in the world who run the World  The elite White people who will never have to live with we the scum in the streets.

Buy more guns and ammo and never, never register your gun and never, ever trust any Government Senator, Congressmen,  Mayor, Governor or the people who run all the Governments they re out to destroy we the people and only make us their slaves.