Greatest State of he Union Speech ever by President Trump

Last night we saw the enemy in force at President Trump State of the Union speech. And it was 100% of all the Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party! Did you see the ugly face of Nancy D’Alasandro, Pelosi, she looked like she was chewing her cuude like a cow that she is, beside a Communist Traitor and liar, and a thief, and her partner in in the destruction of our country, the other communist, Jew, Schummer. All the Nazi Communist Demo-rats looked they wanted to kill President Trump. And now we know that none of these Traitors including all the Negro Congressmen and Senators are not for the USA or we the people. They are for the Illegal Mexicans Aliens  and criminals and the so called Dreamers who are all Gang Members. Because if you don’t join the Gangs and that is all Gangs Mexican, Negro, Puerto Rican gangs they will kill you and your family. And if your daughter, no matter what age, the Gangs want her to be one of their prostitutes…as the President showed the two Negro families who daughters were murdered by MS13 Gang members, more then likely they wanted them to be prostitutes in their gang. They refused and they were murdered. Gangs, all Gangs MS13 recruit 9 and 10 year old buys to become assassins and are taught how to kill people they mark for death. Children  can’t be charged with the death penalty like an 18 year old killer can. So they use children to be the killers. Young girls to be their prostitutes. And they beat children into sub mission to become gang members.

This is what the Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party support. But they don’t have to live with these animals, we do, and our children do, and are in harms way every day because the Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party protecting the Illegal Dreamers and Illegal Mexican Aliens, the MS13 Gangs and help bring them into the USA.

Another way the Nazi Communist Party, run by a Mexican, Nancy D’Alasandro Pelois and Schummer want these criminals here and they are the Dreamers who dream of selling drugs, murder, free sex for the Gang members. And all these wonderful Mexican, Negro, and Puerto Rican families don’t mind that their  children are savages who don’t care or respect life want these children to be killers and drug dealers. Because there is millions of dollars in being a criminal responded by the Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party. All this to destroy our country.

President Trump is the greatest President since Lincoln !!! President Trump is fighting the Gangs to make our cites safe and our children safe. And America safe. But the Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party want chaos and criminals to run free in this country and commit any crime the want. That are the Dreamers an every Illegal Mexican Alien and that also includes Obama’s and the Nazi Party’s Invasion of millions of Muslims and Third world shit hole countries as long as they are not White, to come here and destroy our Country.

You have to vote for people that are for the United States of American and not for a Party, There are a lot of Traitor republicans that want the same thing the Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party want and that is criminals. You saw last night what they really are, Traitors all!

The Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party proved what they stand for and it is not the United States of America or the White Race which they want to destroy along with the Traitor Republicans, people like Graham, McConnell and Ryan  and Rubio is is strictly a Cuban Hispanic, connected to the Bildeberg another organization created by David Rockefeller, with only super rich people to destroy our Country. Rubio is another Obama, in all ways. Look him up and see what he is. He is an Obama.