Donating Money


I wrote this to Leukemia Foundation in Washington DC. Which I will never Donate to them again. Because they are based in the most corrupted City in the world and I don’t know who’s Foundation this is.But I do donate to St. Jude Children research Hosp. and the Shiners Hosp. and a local Leukemia organization I know who they are.

I am glad to contribute what I can afford to research Leukemia. There is a cure for Leukemia and all Cancers. But because there are Billions of dollars to Pharmaceutical companies make and foundations like yours no will ever really wants to find the cure for all Cancers. But the Powers that run the world have cancers cures for themselves. Condo Rice was diagnosed with Cancer and two weeks later she was cured. Jimmy Carter was diagnosed with cancer. Two weeks later he was cured.

But there is no cure for the people. A guy who had Leukemia found the cure but it was to late for him. The cure is in radio waves. It can cure all cancers with no side effects. Our Government won’t put it out. Because they get to much money form the Pharmaceutical companies. And what would Scientists do with our these hundreds of thousands of dollars they get a year and they live a very good easy life.

As long as greed rules there will never be a cure fr cancer, for we the people

I hope you don’t get bent out of shape about my letter but that is the truth. Why kill the “Golden Cow” I think the saying is.

I saw this on the Glen Beck show a couple years ago. When he turned on President Trump and called him Hitler I canceled my subscription to his TV show. As far as I am concerned Beck is another Rat.