Finely it comes out we give money to the Terrorists

Finely it comes out that we give money to the Muslim Terrorists I have written about that for years and I am right. We, not we the people, but the Traitors who run our Government always side with the enemy against us. For money! George Soros is our ultimate enemy. Our Government gives him billions of our dollars to destroy us. Our enemy!!! Bloomberg gets billions of our tax dollars to take away our guns. Our Government gives him the money so he doesn’t have to use his money to wreck our country. The New York Times is owned by a Mexican, our Government  subsidizes the New York Times so they won’t, can’t loose any money and they are out to destroy us with lies and Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Propaganda.

American Colleges, we subsidize the schools so that they can employ Professors of hate to brain wash young men and women who have no life experience into becoming haters of the United States of America  and become Socialist/ Communists and work against our Country when it comes time for them to start working.

And now, we give to the Palestinians over three hundred million dollars a year, plus training in all facets of warfare and spying against us and the means with our money to kill the Jews and Christians in the Middle East. Not to mention that we support the same Terrorist who are killing our Troops in the Middle East. We have made sure that the Terrorists have had the schedule of all our troop convoys so that they could plant bombs in the road and when our troops drive by they blow up the trucks and kill our soldiers.  Why do you think that Obama and Hillary Clinton had Ambassador Stevens murdered.

That is what the Nazi Socialist/ Communist Demo-rat Party does to “LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD!” We give you the opportunity to kill our soldiers first, so you our enemy don’t loose to many of your Terrorist. And now people in our Government are up in arms saying we can’t stop giving our tax dollars to the Terrorists? And the UN sticking their nose in where it doesn’t belong!

I can’t wait to see what the Leftest Liberal Fake subsidized News Media have to say that we are wrong to stop give the people that killing the Jews, Christians and our Soldiers. With out that extra money how can they stop killing our Soldiers and the Jews and Christians.

.Think I am wrong. Bill Clinton gave North Korea two Nuclear Power Plants plus % billion dollars and the Technology to build a Bomb and a rocket to send it any where in the world. I shouldn’t say bill Clinton gave this to North Korea, he got well paid in kick backs. I would say 70% went to him and 30% to north Korea. Look at the Chinese they ahve the exact same ships and planes that we do. Russia has the same planes and ships we do and  all the electronics to with them. LEVELING THE PLAYING FIELD” Against us. Pure Communist slogan.

Look what the Magic Negro did for us. He set the Middle East on fire, with the help of Samantha Power, how to destroy Israel with the American Army, Look how long we have been sending our young people there to die in no win wars so Obama and his gang, with Hillary Clinton could make billions of dollar to make themselves rich and hide their ill gotten Traitor money in their Foundations. But they helped kill our young people. But they got away with it because they were smart enough to share the wealth with the rest of the money hungry Traitor in the Senate and the Congressmen who don’t care how many of our soldiers die as long as their children don’t die in the UN No Win Wars that have going on for almost twenty years. How much money did Obama get when he gave Iran Billions in cash and the Fake subsidized News media didn’t say a word. They made it look like their god did the right thing. How about when Obama had one our newest Drones land in Iran in one piece and the Magic Negro said I told them I want that Drone back. They are now making Drones better then the one Obama sent them. I wonder how much money Obama got for that one.

Never give up your gun and never trust our government run by Traitors sponsored by the Bildeberg. Watch out for Marco Rubio he is just like Obama. An exact clone!