The two most dangerous races in the United States of America

The two most dangerous Races in the United States of America today, where life is extremely cheap is the Negro Race and the Latino Race. There is no Negro neighborhood that you can go into where some one isn’t being murdered. There is no Latino neighborhood where the same thing is going on.  Look at Parkland Florida where Obama and Holder and our enemy our Government give these cities and counties  extra money not to report the real crime rate committed by the Negro and the Hispanics and not to arrest any of them they get a pass.

In Chicago for a long time the Police were told to look the other way when it comes to crime in the Minority neighborhoods, and the Police are not happy with this but they are forced to do it. If they want to keep their jobs. You can bet your last dollar that the same thing is going on in the hole state of California. A Sanctuary state where crime is excused because they are protecting the all the Illegal Mexican Aliens they are not Illegal Immigrants they are criminals who came here Illegally  that were let loose from all the prisons, and insane asylums where they came from. New York City and State, it’s all controlled by the Government, form Obama and Holder not to arrest the minorities  . It goes on in all of the States, not just one, but all of our States.

All the Governors and City Mayors and State Representatives and Judges are all braking the law. By protecting these criminals. When the Illegal Mexican, and Hispanic aliens are arrested in a crime they should be tried and put in jail and the Politicians who and churches who protect them under some stupid thing called Sanctuary,   are accessories to the crime that these people commit. An d Sessions should indite them but he won’t because he still works for and with Obama and all the other Rats that run our Country.

The MS 13 gang murder anybody who even looks at them cross eyed. They recruit 9 year old children to become assassins, And the young girls from the age of 9 are forced to become prostitutes for the gangs. Isn’t that wonderful that your son or daughter becomes a gang member to kill any body and a prostitute for the gangs to have sex with and make them sell their little live on the streets. And the people like Emanuel,  and the the Governor of the State of Illinois and all the Politicians in all the States should go to prison for allowing these killers to roam the streets at will and kill who ever they want for what ever reason.

With the Negros they are home grown killers. When the Federal Government took the man out of the family and destroyed the Negro family structure and made into a Matriarch society which proves women on the whole, can’t run anything they are to busy thinking of themselves, where the women run everything and no man takes responsibility for his children and the women get tons of money for their children with no registered father. They created their own killers as all gangs do is recruit little boys to become assassins and little girls to become Prostitutes for the Gangs.

Who started all of this crime, another super rich Negro Obama and his partner Holder who owns at least a dozen Planed Parenthood Abortion Clinics and make billions of dollars from the Federal Government because they are subsidized. What do our Senators and Congressmen care. The Demo-rats started all of this and the sanctuary cities, all to destroy the Sovereignty of our Country and help mass murderers like a  Latino, Cruz, and the fake news media went out of their way not to mention that he is a Latino. More then likely the Nazi Demo-rat deep state government helped Cruz find a soft target to kill innocent children all to take away our guns. Obama and all the Demo-rat helpers of the killers say, “The end justifies the Means” what do they care how many children and people die in mass murders as long as the get the gun. But they don’t want to get the people that use the gun!!!

Never give up your gun, because the Government still have guns and are supplying the Gangs with guns and the Muslim training Camps to come out and kill us. The Demo-rats and the Churches are all full of crap when the tell you to give up your gun. The times we are living now are more dangerous then any other time in the history of America. Because we have a  Government who is paying off the States and cities not to arrest any none White criminals especially if the are Illegal Mexican Aliens and Hispanics and Negros. Not to mention the Muslims that are being trained by the Federal Government t in urban warfare. And the Fake News Media keeping quiet about what is waiting for us when they take away our guns.

The Police can’t and wont protect you, the Army can’t protect you. No Government Police  can protect you. Only you can protect you and your family. You vote for the Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Party you are voting for Senators and Congressmen along with Traitor Republicans run by McConnell and Ryan to keep the mass murders going. We need a new Political Party to stop these  sick bastards, The Trump Party or the Tea Party never the Nazi killer Demo-rat Party. Obama, Holder are Negros, who hate the USA and the White people along with  the Demo-rats with the help of the Traitor Republicans have caused all of this. Not we the people.