Kyle Kashuv is for the 2nd Amendment.

Good for Kyle Kashuv, he’s not falling for the Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Party lies how taking away all the guns from the regular people is going to stop the killings. It make the killings more easy. And the Liberal left who is trying to wreck our freedom one of the only freedom’s that keeps us safe. This young man is one of the saviors of the Parkland killings. But because the Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Party run by Obama and Holder and our Senators and Congressmen give our tax dollars to all the schools and the Police Departments to look the other way when a crime is committed by a Negro or a Latino. it makes the propaganda look like Obama was holding crime down when in reality Obama was making crime worse but more easy for the Minorities to commit more crimes because the Police have to look the other way, because of Government money. Don’t ever forget Obama and Holder couldn’t to anything without  100% of all the Senators and Congressmen help Obama give this money to the schools and Police Departments . And that’s was just another way that Obama and the Liberals, and the Nazi Demo-rat could try and destroy our second Amendment, Also they are the ones who made these massacres happen.

Now if it were not that , politically appointed Deputy would have stopped Cruz from going into the school and killing these innocent children  or run into the school and kill Cruz or die trying. Now there is proof that the Police can’t help you or me or anyone from being murdered. They hide and wait for back up? Like this coward did. And Besides the Police were told not to stop the Minorities from doing crime, look the other way. Cruz belongs to the Minority. Cruz told everybody on social media what hew was going to do and people reported him and the Parkland Police looked the other way. Now Florida is passing all kind of gun control laws but not people control, like Cruz control, the gun can’t kill anyone by it self it has to have a human being to pull the trigger. and the would be killers are out there just waiting their turn to massacre innocent people.

The Police should have arrested Cruz when he made his threats on social media  but they didn’t because of Government money going into the Police Department. Where is that money, they looked the other way and 17 kids were murdered. Ban criminals and the killers will stop. Pass control laws against the Criminals, not us.

Take care of your self and your family, never give up your gun. Gun control doesn’t work! It makes it easier for the criminals to kill anyone they want. Government always works with and for the criminals and never protect the population. Government wants to be sure that the criminals “rights” are protected. Not ours.