New embassy quarter to be built in Jerusalem could be named in honor of Trump

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‘Trump Town’: New embassy quarter to be built in Jerusalem could be named in honor of Trump

April 28, 2018

‘Trump Town’: New embassy quarter to be built in Jerusalem could be named in honor of TrumpGage Skidmore / CCL; Marc Nozell / CCL

Rather than follow the Barack Obama administration’s lead and indulge Palestinian fantasies that Israel will one day relinquish their capital city to the terrorist-controlled Palestinian government, President Donald Trump has taken the unprecedented step of treating America’s closest ally in the Middle East as a sovereign nation by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Trump isn’t just paying lip service to Israel, either; the U.S. embassy will move to Israel’s rightful capital on May 14 — the day that Israel first declared independence in 1948.

Trump’s controversial order inspired several other nations to follow suit and announce similar plans to relocate their embassies to Jerusalem, cementing the legitimacy of Israel’s statehood and — contrary to the opinions of the European and American left — greatly improving the long-term Arab-Israeli peace process. As a result of this bold diplomacy, Israeli Construction Minister Yoav Gallant has instructed his ministry to begin construction on a new quarter within Jerusalem to house these embassies, and hinted that he may call the sector “Trump Town” in honor of the U.S. president’s brave overtures.

Beloved leader

Ministry officials met this week to discuss the historic project, floating suggestions to build the new quarter in the city’s southwest corner near Hadassah Medical Center’s Ein Kerem campus, the Talpiot neighborhood, or even within Jerusalem’s suburbs. Gallant said that he hopes to make the district “attractive for countries to move there.”

“There is an apparent pattern of embassies moving to Jerusalem, and we have to start getting ready now,” Gallant said. “We might have to build dozens of embassies, and we would need new land ready for that purpose. I asked my ministry to vigorously take action as fast as possible.”

While initially suggesting the name “Embassy Town” for the new district, Gallant told the Jerusalem Post that he was also considering “Trump Town” as a possible moniker.

If the Israelis choose to honor the American president by acknowledging the crucial role he had in serving as a catalyst for the embassy quarter, it will not be the first time that they have honored Trump. In December, Transportation Minister Israel Katz announced that he would name a train station built near the Western Wall after the U.S. president.

Negotiating with terrorists

Every U.S. president since the founding of Israel has been determined to leave the American embassy in Tel Aviv, where Israeli Jews maintain a safe majority. These American leaders have feared that acknowledging Jerusalem as the seat of the Israeli government would lead to violence from a highly agitated Palestinian populace who view east Jerusalem as the center of a future Palestinian state.

Because of this, and despite the unbreakable cultural and economic bonds uniting the U.S. with Israel, the Palestinian Authority (PA) received nearly $1 billion in contributions from the U.S. in 2016 under the Obama administration — even though some of that money would be — and was — used to pay the surviving family members of Palestinian terrorists who launched suicide bombs against innocent Israeli citizens.

Additionally, Hamas, a universally recognized foreign terrorist organization, currently controls the PA from Gaza. Fearing a Palestinian uprising led by Hamas, previous U.S. administrations have refused to acknowledge Israel’s claims to Jerusalem, thereby empowering a terrorist entity and keeping their hopes for the destruction of Israel alive.

But President Trump refuses to reward terrorist acts and large-scale rebellion with inaction in Israel. Up until now, America and the international community have treated Israel like a second-class nation, undeserving of the same privileges reserved for other countries.

By failing to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the U.S. has artificially extended the conflict in Israel. Fortunately, President Trump has put an end to this misguided and imprudent policy.

Just like on the Korean Peninsula, where the South Korean foreign minister recently credited Trump for bringing together the leaders of North and South Korea, Israel is now recognizing that the Republican outsider’s bold and unwavering resolve has produced dividends.

Trump’s leadership is appreciated throughout many parts of the world. The left will have to recognize that sooner or later.