Boycott ABC!!!

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Rosanne is absolutely right on the money with Valery Jarrett. Jarrett is all those things and more. How about a Muslim loving Traitor like here Negro god Obama. And ABC is wrong to cancel her show. It’s called free speech. Cancel Bahar the pigs show then for her insults to our President.  Boycott ABC!

‘Roseanne’ Fans Boycott ABC After Show Cancellation

That didn’t take long.

Shortly after ABC announced that “Roseanne,” the titular sitcom reboot of the 90s-era show starring Roseanne Barr, was canceled, conservatives took action. (RELATED: ‘Roseanne’ Canceled on ABC After Crude Tweets).

Roseanne found herself in boiling hot water after comparing former Obama Administration advisor Valerie Jarrett to a love child birthed by the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes. Her tweet was immediately denounced, and Roseanne showed contrition about its message:

That wasn’t enough. ABC announced the show was canceled shortly after:

This was very unfortunate for Trump voters, who found Roseanne’s character in the show sympathetic to their needs.

Now, conservatives, newly deprived of their favorite TV character, are hitting back. Immediately after the cancellation was announced, the call to boycott ABC flooded Twitter’s feed. Take a look:

There are thousands of similar comments on Twitter. It looks like ABC is going to experience a lot of fallout from canceling one of its most popular shows. But that’s the risk the network chose to take. (RELATED: After the Season Finale, Roseanne’s Ratings Dominate All Other Television Shows).

Are You Still a Roseanne Fan?

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