Hypocrisy at its finest: Chuck Schumer shared doughnuts with Vladimir Putin in 2003

There it is this slim piece of shit condemns Trump for everything he does to help our country. While in reality this socialist Rat was always dealing and working for and with the Russians. Schumer the socialist Traitor is still working with and for the Russians where is Muller to have this phony Rat impeached for lying and taking money form Russia and helping Hilary Clinton try to frame President Trump for working for the Russians when it is Schumer and every Traitor Nazi Demo-rat that with and for Putin and the Russians, giving them money and aid to take over the the Balkans.

who work with and for the Russians: Obama, the Clinton Crime Family Schumer Nancy Pelosi a proven communist and all the Nazi Demo-rat Party and Traitor Republicans. Who do our Senators and Congressmen and ex Presidents work for? First for themselves and never our Country always some other country but not the USA. How much Money did That traitor Schume get for helping Putin put up a Russian Gas station in New York. And how much money does Russia give him for working with Russia to our money away from our country and give it to Russia. Why doesn’t a reporter find out, if they can find out the last time you were constipated 20 years ago, they can find out how much money per month Schumer gets for his end in getting Russia to pout a gas station in New York. I wish I was and investigative Reporter I would expose them all for what they are Crooks!

From the Conservative Institute:

Hypocrisy at its finest: Chuck Schumer shared doughnuts with Vladimir Putin in 2003

July 20, 2018

Hypocrisy at its finest: Chuck Schumer shared doughnuts with Vladimir Putin in 2003Senate Democrats / CCL

“In the entire history of our country, Americans have never seen a president of the United States support an adversary the way President [Donald] Trump has supported President [Vladimir] Putin.”

Those were the words of Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) after last week’s summit between the two presidents in Helsinki, but there may be some holes in Schumer’s allegations — doughnut holes, that is. While Schumer had the audacity to accuse Trump of “support[ing] an adversary” in Putin, the Senate Minority Leader himself buddied up with the Russian president in 2003; they were even photographed sharing Krispy Kreme doughnuts inside a newly opened Russian gas station in Manhattan.

Coffee and doughnuts

During his first term in the Senate, Schumer welcomed Putin to his home state to inaugurate the first of a series of Russian-owned gas stations in the U.S. after Russian energy giant Lukoil bought out the American-owned Getty Petroleum Marketing Inc. in 2000. Schumer celebrated the acquisition of more than 1,300 American stores with Putin over coffee and donuts inside the Soviet-red Lukoil-owned gas station on 10th Avenue and 24th Street in Chelsea.


In New York 2003 Schumer & Putin sharing a Krispy Kreme doughnut & coffee as Russia’s Lukoil oil company first New York gas station opens.

During the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Schumer described the intrusion of Russian interests into the U.S. petroleum industry as a boon for the American economy, noting: “The more competition there is in oil, especially against OPEC – the better New York will do, and the better America will do.”

But Schumer knew exactly what he was doing when he allowed the shady energy firm to operate in his own backyard. He justified his newfound relationship with Moscow by characterizing the Russian takeover as a blow against OPEC, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Lukoil had acquired much of their product from Iran, Egypt, and Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

When a reporter pointed out that Lukoil was inflating local gas prices by charging more than their competitors, Schumer responded: “The prices aren’t going to come down in a day.” But they didn’t come down in over a decade, either.

In 2012, at least 50 American franchisees with a stake in Lukoil-owned gas stations raised prices to over $8 per gallon to protest the prohibitive wholesale prices that Lukoil required them to shell out. American vendors paid up to 20 cents more than their competitors for gas, enriching Russian oligarchs while losing around 50 percent of their customer base, which forced many stations to permanently shut their doors.

Appeasing Russia

Besides pleasing Putin and hurting small business owners in America, Schumer once again declared his sympathy for the Kremlin in a 2008 op-ed for the Wall Street Journal. As part of a deal to pressure the Iranian regime, Schumer wrote that “we must treat Russia as an equal partner when it comes to policy in the Caspian Sea region, recognizing Russia’s traditional role in the region.”

Of course, Moscow and Tehran have only deepened their ties since then, while Russia has used the Caspian Sea as a naval base from which to strike targets in Syria and aid in their takeover of Crimea and Ukraine. Still, Schumer had the gall before then to demand that “we must offer to make Russia whole” by offering Moscow “$2 billion to $3 billion a year” to buy their cooperation against Iran.

While Democratic senator may now despise American overtures to Russia, he didn’t shy away back then. He even wrote in the Journal that the U.S. “should tell Mr. Putin we will cease building the ineffective antinuclear missile defense sites in Eastern Europe in return for him joining the boycott [against Iran].”