Obama verses J.F.K.

I am so tired of listening to all the crap about politicians, the Clinton Crime family selling out and committing Treason, and Obama did it also. The FBI people that broke the law and all these people should be indited for their crime against our Nation and ios close to Treason. We are given the facts everyday yet no one is indited for their crimes. Because the DOJ is run by Politicians that took money from all these people. Sessions should be fired because he has recluse himself from everything that has to do with the Clinton and Obama and the rest of his friends to go to jail. Why because he is guilty of taking millions of fo dollars from everyone handed him an envelope full of cash.

While going through my filers I ran across this article in wrote about  Obama in 2018.

11/26/08  (Still true today)
Obama White House Camelot VS. The Kennedy White House Camelot
The headlines of today’s newspaper were “A New Camelot in the White House.” How can the newspaper compare President John F. Kennedy’s White House years to the Obama’s family in the White House.
They should not call his time there “Camelot” they should call name it more to his nature “The Kremlin!” President Kennedy came from a wealthy family. He was a real war hero. He and his family, except for Ted, were Patriots in the true sense of the word. His brother Joseph volunteered for a dangerous mission defending the freedom of the United States and the World against Germany and Japan. He gave his life for Freedom. They all thought of their Country first. John F. Kennedy did not hang out with terrorists, Bill Ayers, who is now with the help of all liberal Professors across the Country, through education brainwash the young people to hate America and destroy it. In Chicago, Mayor R. Daly gave him the OK that he can now put his books into grammar school and high school. Get the children stated young. Hitler, and Japan, and Russia did the same thing in their Countries. John Kennedy was an American for America, not so the Marxist Communist thinking Obama. President Kennedy didn’t have pictures of Che Gravera hanging in his office/
I remember reading a book on Marxism in the sixties which said, “Destroy tradition and instill the new thinking. And this was done mainly by Hollywood, bringing out all the faults of our History’s heroes, but what they left out if these men had flaws in their personalities, it was because they were products of their time just as it is the products of our time to be disloyal to the United States to rob the people to sell the people out and destroy this Country. It is still being done now in everything we read, see, and in the education of our children. What the propaganda machine did not tell anyone that these men were only men who were products of their time. Which compared to today be extremely brutal times? Child labor, children sent to work in deplorable conditions, as children are worked today in Third world Countries, where their lives are cheap.
But the propaganda machine wants us to believe that the heroes of today in every walk of life are caring people. They are not! They are all “One-eyed Jacks” who care less for anyone but themselves.
President Kennedy did not hang out with Rev. Wrights who preached hate the white people and G-Damn America. Here is an irony. Rev Wright condemns America and all the white people. He blames everything that has happened to the Black Community on the Government and the white people. Yet he takes millions of dollars from the Federal Government in grants and Obama pushed tons of money Wrights way. Enough money to buy himself a multi-million dollar home in the wealthy suburb on the south side of Chicago called Tinley Park where there are no BLACK people around him. Nor does Barrack Hussain Obama. Obama lives in the all-white Elite neighborhood called Hyde Park. No Black people around him.
John F. Kennedy was not a Black militant or into the Black militant movement as Rev. Wright, Obama, Louis Farracan, Jessie Jackson and Family, Al Sharpton, Oprah Winfrey, and all the Black Congressmen and Senators who do not work for all the United States Citizens, they only work for their own. John F. Kennedy was not for partial birth abortions, nor was his wife for killing babies that were still alive after a botched abortion. He was not for the legalized murder of innocent babies. Obama and the Liberal Congress and Senate are for all the things that President Kennedy was against, why is the Kennedy family standing for this comparability to J.F.K. The news media comparison to the Kennedy Camelot is more like the Brothers Grimm fairy tale.