Nazi Socialist Demo-Rats Vile, Evil Rapists



The Nazi Socialist Demo-Rat party to the last person male or female are vile, Evil killers of man kind. Look what they are doing to Kavanaugh, a man who is innocent of all these molesting charges that were planed by and carried out by all the Nazi Demo-rats, under the leadership of that snake Diann Feinstein to destroy this extremely great man from becoming a Supreme Court Justice. What do you thing these animals will do to us if that get the power back. They will move forward to get rid of President Trump they will destroy all the jobs he brought back, along with destroying we the people for Illegal Aliens, not Immigrants but Illegal Aliens from Mexico. Killers and gang Bangers and people who are crazy that who the Nazi Party want in this country. Their New Borne slaves the Illegal Aliens Mexicans who the Demo-rats said the can commit any crime they want in this country and never have to go to jail. They only get deported after they murder innocent young women who refused to be Raped by them and they send them back and tell them in a few weeks things will clam down and you can come back in a few weeks and don’t worry you can commit any crime you want your welcome here in the USA.

Now in the Demo-Rat Party they have serial Rapists, Bill Clinton who brain is in his pants and a Traitor to this country, Senator Brooks a Rapist from the time he was 15 and he wrote an article about how he took advantage of this young girl when he got her drunk or high on Dope, President Obama a homosexual degenerate, V.P. Joe Biden a women grouper their are pictures of Bid grabbing women by the ass and grabbing their breasts. Keith Allison a women beater, Treats all women like he treated his girl friend. Now the women like Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton and quite a few more are more then likely abuses of women, but becasue they are Nazi Demo-Rats and the Men also it is OK fro them to molest women all their lives as long as they are the Ettie Nazi Demo-rat Party they steal billions like Diann Feinstein and Pelosi and all of the have sold us out to Europe and China and anyone else who will give them money. Look at that Foreign Spy for the Muslims, Kerry, you know how much money he and Biden are stealing through their children because they still have clearance to our secrets to sell our secrets to any one for Billions of dollars…..  And all the Nazi Demo -Rats who have Secret Clearing are still selling our secrets to the enemy. They are now out of Politics and in the private sector  and they should not have access to Government secrets to sell us out any more .

The best news I have heard and saw in a long time was Kanye West  who jumped on stage and told every body that no one is going to tell him what kind hat he can wear and no one is going to tell how to think and say what the Liberals and the Nazi Demo-Rat Party are pushing. He said I am going to think for my self. Good for him, I wish he would run for the Senate or Congress we need more stand up Black guys who under stand that Nazi Demo-Rat Party has enslaved the Black people. Now the Nazi Demo-rats are kill the the Black race off through  abortions. So that that Illegal Alien Mexicans will be the new Demo-rat slaves and the Negros will be gone.!!!

If you vote for the Nazi Socialist Demo-Rat Party you are vetoing for them to make slaves out of us and who doesn’t go along and think like them they do will kill us. Remember never give up your guns. Buy more and ammo too. In fact next week I am going to pick up my Springfield 45! We should be like the “Minute Men” that save our country from the British now we have to save our Country from the Nazi Socialist Demo-rat Party before the destroy us and our country.