Ryan is stupid

President Trump is 100 million times better then that Negro Traitor Obama who sold us out to everyone. And got our soldiers killed for the UN. Not for the USA!

Pres. Trump is absolutely right when he criticizes Paul Ryan for his stupidity and is not worried about the real things that are going to happen to this country if these illegal aliens breakthrough. Paul Ryan has always been a person works only for the government and himself you know with bribes and people given the money to make laws to hurt us we the people that’s always good for. He’s exactly like John McCain never worked for the people but only work for the Democrats and the federal government like she said I always serve the government I will serve the government now. But not the people of the United States of America. Ryan is a rat trader that doesn’t belong as a speaker the house for the Republican. I hope Wisconsin vote him out. All uses a sore loser because him and his mother rat, Romney sold us out to Obama in the last election. All he talked about was taxes him in a cut tag someone to do this summer to do that and he let Obama walk overall all over him and win the election. So he and Ryan are two losers we don’t need we need stand of people in our government that are going to stand up for we the people not the government. Or foreign countries

Trump Slams Paul Ryan: He ‘Knows Nothing’ About Birthright Citizenship

By Jeffrey Rodack    |   Wednesday, 31 October 2018 01:51 PM