We the people should for Supreme Court Justices!


Graham is right we the people should vote for Supreme Court Justices. We should not leave to the Rats like the Nazi Socialists Demo-rat Party to choose who is is going to be a Supreme Court Justice. They are biased and only want to destroy our constitution and our Freedom so they can be in control of everything we say and do. The Politicians hate we the people, especially the White race becasue they want to rule us and the World.

We the people are the real Government and we know what kind of people we want to become Justices of the Supreme Court and we the people should vote them in. Not Traitor Bias Nazi Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans!

I wrote an article a little while back and I said the same thing Graham is saying. We the people should vote for ever one who is running for Office and that includes Supreme Court Judges, and asll the Government appointees that these sick bastards want to ruin our country.