Big win for we the people

Hey we won we got our guy Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Now where did this mob of screaming women come from? they have been very well organized. By the Waters, Pelosi, Schumer, tne Nazi Socialist Demo-rat Party and George Soros.

Sorso is a citizen of the United States and ever since he got here he collects billions of our tax money to destroy our country from our Demo-rats who give away our money to everyone who is against our country an wants to destroy it. But our Demo-ratsĀ  who love the illegal Alien Mexicans and criminals, and they give Soros 5 Billion a year but they refuse to give Trump any money to stop the Invasion of Illegal Aliens and Muslin’s into our country. They, the Nazi Demo-rat Party think that they are going to win the Nov. Election because of the Muslims and the Illegal Mexicans who can’t vote because they are not citizens of this country they are criminals who broke into this country and supported by the Nazi Demo-Rat Party.

Let us we the real people who hold this country together make sure come Nov. get out and vote the Nazi Demo-rat Traitor Party out of power.