From my files that I wrote:

                 UNITED WE STAND! DIVIDED WE FALL!!   10/15-08


There is only one way that we have been divided; it was a slow process that you don=t realize, that it happened, until it’s too late.  It is now too late.


When, who or what caused the Division in the United States , Racism and multiculturalism   that we now follow. It didn’t happen over night it took years, slowly but surely, under the guise of helping the Black community catch up with the white community. Why? Who knows? This was and still is being done by the pseudo-intelligence thinking of all our elected officials from the President to the Congressmen and Senators; and finally to the stupidity of the Bureaucracy that really runs the Country. Now in the 21st century we have a new threat the Illegal Mexicans coming into the United States , we have a good chance of losing our freedom plus our sovereignty as a Nation.  There is no Senator or Congressman who is of Latino blood who was born here who is not for a two language country.  Plus others in Congressmen and the Senate, every Democrat and most Republicans who are not of Latino blood did not vote for English to be spoken language of the United States . Another wedge into the American way of life to divide the Country.


First the Government got a brilliant idea lets build these huge projects, low income housing for the Negros, as they were still called back in the fifties. Good intentions? Maybe. Well get these people out of the Negro slums and give them a great place to live. And they would get a cash subsidy from the Government to help pay their way.  (Socialism) But on one condition, there can be no husband. All of a sudden the man was free from supporting his family, now he could work and make more money and no obligation to take care of his children, all the men disappeared.

Now the women started having  child after child out of wedlock and the Government gave and is still giving them more money. The more children the more money. Thus the Federal Government interfering with the natural order of Society destroyed the Negro Family structure. What was once a patriarch society, where the father was visible figure and took on the responsibility of father to teach his children right and wrong, was gone. 

Now why did this happen? Because people are greedy. No matter what their color. Free money is free money, more fatherless children more money. All the good intentions of Government, people, to help people do not work because there are always people who are going to take advantage of what ever it is and turn into something that it was never intended to be.  As a patriarch society the Black community was working out their own problems with society. When they became a Matriarch Society, instead of going forward, they went backwards. Where was the strong father figure that the children had, to look up to for protection and guidance? He was nowhere. He was gone. Thus the federal Government destroyed a whole culture. Again interfering with the natural order of life.  In the South the Black community was treated badly. In the North they were not. That’s why they came North during WWII to find equality and they did. Every one minded their own business and took care of their own. Every thing was coming together naturally. 



Now came another wedge to split the country, sacrifice one group to try and put another group ahead. It is called Affirmative Action. Brought about by Senator Hubert Humphrey, it was supposed to help every one, and stop racial discrimination. It didn’t, it increased racial discrimination. Robert Kennedy kept saying this is only good if you qualify.  That didn’t work; white people were now passed over not because they qualified but because they were white. It didn’t matter if you knew anything about what the job was; you got the job because you were Black. Colleges, forget the entrance exam, the quotas that colleges had to meet, so many Blacks against so many whites. Where the white student had to pass an entrance examine, the Black student walked right in. Blacks are chosen above Whites no matter what, they don’t need to qualify that still goes on today. 


 This may sound raciest, I don’t think so. If the Black community can say and do anything they like against anyone I have the right to say what I think. The Black leaders, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, in their churches they preach hate the white man. Why? If it wasn’t for the White man the Black community would still be in chains.


Here is  the real division that helped split our Country in two. I remember I had to sign a piece of paper stating weather I was White or Black, everyone had to fill out the paper. After you signed the paper no one, not even the Blacks were United States Citizens. White people were now considered European; Black people were considered African, Orientals Asian, and so on. The only real American was the American Indian.  The rest of the population was now none American.


Why did this happen?  The Federal Government working for Big Business? The Federal Government pigeon holed everyone and created more racism and fragmented this Country in Multiculturalism. There is only one culture in this Country and that is Americanism where there is no color, or origin, ONE PEOPLE UNDER, OUR FLAG, ONE LANGUAGE, ONE GOVERNMENT, and EVERY ONE EQUAL!   No where to be found in this Country in today’s society.


Our Congressmen and Senators now have Caucuss, a Black Caucus only for the Black community, they do not work for America , or the American Citizen, white, yellow, or green they only work for the Black Community and themselves, then there is the Hispanic Caucus, they only work for the Hispanic Community. Again not America or Americans, because there is no America or Americans, even if you were born in the United States . There are only Hispanics. Here is a great example of none American for Congressman Gutierrez of Chicago . To hear him talk he is not Puerto Rican, but Mexican, who is sticking up for illegal Mexicans. He is an American Citizen. Who voted against English as the spoken language working  to split the Country more.  Is he a Puerto Rican separatist  wants to free Puerto Rico from America ? Did he sympathize with the FALN and maybe still is working to free Puerto Rico from America . He wanted to erect a statue of the Puerto Rican terrorist who tired to kill President Truman, where? In Humboldt Park in Chicago and the up keep would be on the tax payers.  The Hispanic Caucus works only for Hispanic and Hispanic Countries.  They do not work for America . They would like to see the United States fall so it could become Cuba , Puerto Rico, or Mexico .


Is there a white Caucus that works only for the White Community? If there is…. it is Raciest and must be dismissed. Only the Black Community and the Hispanic Community can say and do anything they want without be called Raciest.



We are now divided, this has been brought about by the people we elected and trusted to keep us free and safe from the world that wants to destroy us. Could it be with this election 2008, the three worst people in History are ran for President of the United States of America . Two sanctioned by the Democrats. Obama the anti America radical Muslim communist thinker. And H. Clinton who hates every thing about America . Military # one. Her ideal was Saul Elinsky, Who has sympathies leaning to the far left. The Chinese couldn’t wait for her to become President. All the democrats are ready to sell out America . And John Mc Cain, he thinks like a democrat, acts like a democrat votes like a democrat. United WE Stand…We are divided, we are going to fall. George Orwell 1984 here we come.  With Obama as President and the Liberal Congress run by Nancy Pelosi and the Liberal Senate run by Harry Reid we are in a lot of trouble in this world. These people look to Europe  to copy their Socialist ways of Government, when in the history of the United States of America did we look to foreign governments for guidance to run this Country. They have always looked to us.   Obama has pledged to talk to Russia and to the Muslims about how He is going to disarm America for them. Then he is going to cut our forces down to nothing. Then he is going to disarm America so we cannot defend our selves against our Government that is bent on destroying the United States of America . We are split in two now, no one is American, we are multicultural, we have a two language Country, we are no longer one nation where there is no barriers toward each other. We are now a nation going in all directions but not to be Americans. Thanks to our Congressmen and Senators.

Never vote for a Nazi Socialist Dem o-Rat!