Khassoggi…who cares

Jamal Khasoggi was murder in the Saudi Arabia Embassy…So what. What that mean to any Citizen of the USA. Nothing but the Fake News Media run by Obama’s deep state want to blame President Trump, in fact the Fake News Media and Obama’s Nazi Socialist/ Communist Demo-rat Party want to blame Trump for the the Hurricane that wiped out Mexico Beach in Florida. Well we the people don’t blame President Trump for anything.

Now when the Muslim Terrosirst chopped off real American born reporters and put the movie out how they chopped off their heads…I didn’t see the Fake News Media get on Obama, the Muslin Traitor to stop the murders, they didn’t blame Obama for doing nothing, Obama is their god.

Now we the American people could care less who was murdered in Turkey or anywhere else in the world. Khasoggi held duel citizenship, guess who he would go to first. Saudis Arabia. Also so the Fake News Media doesn’t tell you Khasoggi was a big part ogf the Muslim Brotherhood.

We the people don’t what the USA to Policeman of the world. We the could people could care less who these shit whole third world country kill. Most they kill thousand of their own people and war against each other. We the people don’t care about humanitarianism around the world there is none. The only humain country in the world is us.The rest take our money and they don’t care about being humanitarian. The Fake News Media and the Traitors who we give our hard earned tax dollars too in the billions don’t care either. When the White people  gave up governing all these Africa Countries and all over the world. Those people took over and slaughter their own people and went back in time to want they did in the 2nd AD. They have not progressed in anything, Sanitation, Medical, their people are worse off now that their own run their countries then the European Whites.

Now remember the Nazi Socialist Demo-Rat Party don’t’ care about we the people. They want to enslave us and tear down our civilization as we know it. They want the MS13 Gangs and all the other gangs to control the streets, the Nazi’s are and have always been for the bad guys. It’s money and power in their pockets. The only thing that keep us free is our right to own a gun to protect our selves from our own Government who is our real enemy and the enemy of the world. Never vote for a Demo-rat. They themselves are criminals. We had a President whoa is a serial Ra pests  and Hillary Clinton destroyed all the women who said bill raped them. Joe Biden is a grouper and is always garbing  women by the ass or their breast. Ted Kennedy was a killer when he let that girl drown in one the Nazi Demo-rat sex parties and booze and dope. That is what the Nazi Socialist Demo-rat Party are. Look at all the cities they run. Murder crime , dope. Police who are ordered not to do their job. In may of my articles before this one, I have always said the the Nazi Party is for the criminals, big money in payoffs